Software Developer

Software Development London, United Kingdom


Software Developer

The Company

Here at G-Research we are using agile techniques to build the big data analytics and forecasting technology used to predict prices in highly competitive financial markets.

The Role

Software development & consistent innovation is a core part of our business and we are continually striving to expand our development function with the world's best Software Engineers. Most of our systems are written in C# but we also have specialist teams using C++ and F#. We recognize that some of the very best Engineers are agnostic in their approach to development so we are open to speaking with candidates from a Java, Python and JavaScript background for example.

We give our Software Engineers the freedom to find new solutions and encourage experimentation with the newest and best technology. A lot of people that work here are very active in the open source community, have spoken at conferences and are leaders within their fields. We are home to Engineers that contribute to the core F# language and sit on the C++ standards committee globally.

We also build interfaces using modern web technologies so we have a broad range of software development challenges for the right person. Developer responsibilities include but aren't limited to:

  • Extending systems for deployment of increasingly sophisticated features without sacrificing reliability
  • Processing and management of large data sets with strict real-time performance requirements
  • Designing and building distributed and fault-tolerant systems
  • Building modern UIs for managing and understanding complex systems running globally

All roles are technically challenging and require strong communication skills as well as an ability to rapidly adapt to changing requirements, such that the business's technological edge is maintained. We are currently hiring for the following skill sets:

  • Quant Tools and Front Office Developers
  • Data and Real-time Data Developers
  • Financial Technology and Risk Developers
  • UI Developers
  • Security Developers
  • Dev Tools and Framework Component Developers

Our development teams typically self-organize around either Scrum or Kanban and as a company we are embracing DevOps best practices such as continuous delivery

The Individual

 Required skills:

  • Proven ability to develop high quality software at varying levels of experience.
  • Experience with C#, Java, C++ or other mainstream modern programming languages.
  • Appreciation of good software architecture and data structures
  • Excellent academics: 2.1 or better in computer science or a numerate subject from a top university.