School Custodian (Full Time, Day Shift)

Operations Newark, New Jersey


Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is seeking a School Custodian (full time. day shift) to help support our efforts to provide a safe and sanitary school environment.

S/he will: work consistently and creatively work to meet the custodial needs of all students and staff by; being responsible for all daily custodial matters, communicating with key personnel to maintain cleanliness and acting proactively and promptly addressing custodial matters when they arise. 

Qualifications and Certification 

  • Commitment to the GOLCS mission and belief that all students can be successful.
  • High school diploma or equivalent training/experience.
  • Previous experience in custodial-type work.
  • Able to meet the demands of the position including, but not limited to being able to lift a minimum of 75 pounds.
  • Ability to successfully complete the required criminal history background check and provide proof U.S. citizenship or legal resident status.
  • Cleans floors of classrooms, offices, special rooms, corridors, stairs, entrances, lobbies, and cafeteria as assigned.
  • Removes debris on sidewalks leading to the building as assigned.
  • Sweeps, dry mops, wet mops, vacuums, shampoos, strips, seals, buff, and wax floors as assigned.
  • Cleans and disinfects daily the drinking fountains, bathroom floors, bowls, seats, and urinals in restrooms as assigned.
  • Fills paper and soap dispensers in assigned areas as needed.
  • Performs preventative maintenance in accordance with established procedures.
  • Opens classroom doors and entrance doors prior to the start of the school day or closes doors and windows and secures lights prior to leaving post daily in accordance with the established schedule.
  • Moves furniture and equipment within the building as directed.
  • Stores supplies and delivers supplies to teachers as directed.
  • Performs light maintenance and painting tasks as needed and directed.
  • Sets up, breaks down, and cleans the cafeteria/shared space room as scheduled or as needed.
  • Follows established procedures to ensure staff and student safety in the building.
  • Removes trash and other materials from school grounds in accordance with the established schedule.
  • Participates in staff development opportunities to enhance job-related skills and knowledge.
  • Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the School Leaders.