GOLCS Teacher Gateway Program (Internal Applicants Only)

Instructional Positions (2017-2018) Newark, New Jersey


Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is seeking candidates for our spring 2018 Teacher Gateway Program in partnership with Relay Graduate School of Education!

Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is partnering with Relay Graduate School of Education to roll out our first ever spring 2018 teacher training program, the Great Oaks Legacy Teacher Gateway Program. This program will start in January and ramp participants up for teaching or teaching resident roles in fall 2018.

Successful candidates will be offered conditional employment as a Teacher or Teacher Resident for the 2018-19 school year and have the opportunity to enroll in the Relay GSE Residency or Alternate Route Teaching program in July 2018.


Candidate must be a current or former Great Oaks Legacy Tutor Corps member and must possess:

  • Relentless work ethic.
  • Belief that all students have what it takes to be successful.
  • Bachelor's degree from a competitive college or university.
  • GPA must meet minimum requirements for NJ DOE certification.
  • Demonstrated mastery of content knowledge.
  • Effective track record/evaluations as a member of the Tutor Corps.

About Us

The mission of the Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is to prepare its students to succeed in college. We do this by instilling in students the respect, integrity, self-discipline, and excellence necessary to be successful in college and to pursue a career of their choice. We strongly believe that all students can succeed in an atmosphere of high expectations and caring relationships where they receive considerable individual attention. What sets GO schools apart from other college preparatory charters is a high-dosage tutoring model. The Great Oaks Tutor Corps is a selective cadre of recent college graduates who deliver at least two hours of individualized instruction to every student every day.

Great Oaks Legacy was founded with the explicit mission to change the dismal odds that a low-income minority student in Newark currently has of ever obtaining a college degree. Our mission is to prepare students to succeed in college.

Great Oaks Legacy is a No Excuses school with high standards, a rigorous college-prep curriculum, small cohorts of students, individualized tutoring and personal support and care for each student.