Director of Network Operations

Operations Newark, New Jersey


Great Oaks Legacy is seeking a Director of Network Operations to join our Operations team for the 2018-19 school year.

Great Oaks Legacy Overview

The Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is a high-performing, innovative charter public school in Newark NJ, serving 1,250 students from Pre-K to 12th grade on three campuses across the city. Our mission is to prepare public school students for success in college. Great Oaks Legacy students aspire to be some of the highest performing students in the country.

We have high academic and behavioral expectations for our students. Our students, for example, are encouraged to take multiple AP classes before they graduate. We pair rigorous curriculum and teaching with intense personal support from teachers, tutors, and staff. The school’s mission is to prepare our students for college success through several key elements:

  • Small school – Grade-level cohorts of less 100 students allow each student to feel known and cared for. Our focus is on a sense of community and relationship building with families and students 
  • More time on task – Longer school days than traditional schools. Weekend sessions and summer school for students who are struggling.
  • High expectations – Rigorous, differentiated, college-preparatory coursework from K-12. Advanced Placement and real college courses for all juniors and seniors.
  • Effective Instruction – World-class teachers with clear expectations and the support they need to continuously improve.

Director of Network Operations Role Description:

The Director of Network Operations is responsible for supporting the Chief Operating Officer in the operational integrity and efficiency of non-instructional school management, through the following duties and responsibilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

School Operations management:
Managing the professional development of and performance of select Operations Leaders (2-3 employees), and the overall execution of all Operational needs at these campuses, as well as hold primary responsibility for specific areas of School Operations across the full school network. This includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Budget and Finance related to campus-level budgets
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • School Security
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
  • Class Scheduling
  • SIS Management (PowerSchool), including Gradebooks and Report Cards
  • Internal Assessment Management (A-Net, MAP, Interim Assessments)
  • Parent Communication
  • School Events and Trips
  • Before and After care
  • School logistics and student movement (e.g. Arrival, Dismissal, Student Transitions, Teacher duties for non-instructional coverage)
  • Uniform management
  • Facility Management
  • Student Health and Nursing
  • Teacher Certification
  • Communication/Partnership with Instructional Leadership

Network Operations Staff management:
Managing select network staff toward Operations needs, including Data Management and Student Recruitment/Enrollment (1-2 employees).

Government Reporting/Compliance:
Complete and/or manage completion of select non-financial reporting, including NJSMART requirements and certification of SNEARS.

Instructional Software Management/Support:
Support implementation of all teacher-facing and student-facing software, including oversight/reporting structures and professional development as needed. Includes but is not limited to I-Ready, ALEKS, Scholastic, Typing Instructor, Middlebury Interactive Language, Hepara, Illuminate, EdReflect, and Gradecam.


The Director of Network Operations is a twelve-month employee with salary to be recommended by Executive Director and approved by the board.



The Director of Network Operations reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.


The Director of Network Operations is formally evaluated once per year on the basis of essential duties, personal growth, and professionalism.



  1. Bachelor degree required, graduate degree preferred
  2. 5+ years of schools-based and/or professional management experience, particularly in an urban education or non-profit setting
  3. Strong experience with staff, budget, and facility management
  4. Strong experience with project planning and execution
  5. Strong command of Microsoft Office and schools-based technology requirements



Our students arrive, on average, significantly behind grade level. Many live in poverty – a higher percentage than most schools in the country. Upon arrival, they are statistically less than 10% likely to graduate with a 4-year degree. Our mission is that each child ultimately graduates from college.


  1. Employee takes responsibility to reverse negative outcomes of failing students, to make every effort to work proactively and reactively to engage each and every student, such that each is legitimately prepared to succeed in college.
  2. It is a given that all of the faculty work very, very hard. All staff, including the Campus Directors, Admin Teams, CAO, CEO, President, Operations Team and COO and Employee, acknowledge that we will do more than just work hard; we each seek – through formal and informal feedback – to dramatically improve. At Great Oaks Legacy, an ongoing quest for improvement is not considered remedial, it is essential and ongoing for all staff.