School Nursing Assistant

Operations Newark, New Jersey


Great Oaks Legacy Charter School in Newark is seeking a Full-Time School Nursing Assistant to work at our high school location.

The School Nursing Assistant is a health services specialist who assists pupils and staff in attaining and/or maintaining optimum health, and promoting positive health habits and attitudes.


The primary goal of the Nursing Assistant is to care for student health injuries and/or illnesses in an expedient and safe manner. The Nursing Assistant works with parents, students, and school medical personnel for the control and prevention of disease and for the development of optimum health of each student.

Education and Experience:
  • High school graduate or equivalent is required
  • Current CPR certification is required
  • Red Cross First Aid or prior healthcare experience/training such as EMT or other medical background preferred
  • Interest in working with children/adolescents
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to react quickly, calmly, and decisively in a crisis
  • Computer experience with word processing, data entry, and databases preferred
Reporting Relationship
The School Nursing Assistant works under the supervision of the licensed School Nurse and reports to the Operations Manager in matters of school building administration.

Major Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Provides appropriate emergency care of illness or injury to students and staff in accordance with school district policy and procedure, and as directed by the School Nurse.
  • Assists in the control of communicable diseases according to procedures.
  • Administers oral, inhaled, and topical medications to students under supervision of the School Nurse.
  • On receiving new medication with prescriber’s written order and parent’s permission, notifies School Nurse.
  • Consults with School Nurse regarding dosage, schedule for administration, side effects, expected effects, and other pertinent data regarding medication.
  • Assists School Nurse in keeping accurate student health records, including records of visits to the health office and/or medication brought to the health office.
  • Maintains confidentiality of information learned regarding students and their families.
  • Notifies School Nurse and Operations Manager or School Director of serious incidents, significant health problems, referrals, and any indications of possible child neglect or abuse.
  • Performs all other health-related work delegated or required to accomplish the objectives of the total school health program.
  • Channels requests for health-related information and nursing services to the School Nurse.
  • Supports School Nurse in documenting each student visit to the Health Office including complaint, treatment, and outcome for each student.
  • Assists School Nurse in preparing and maintaining a cumulative health record for each student. Documents results of screening and designated health information.
  • Collects and maintains student emergency contact information.
  • Completes student/staff accident reports and routes them to the School Nurse and Operations Manager/School Director.