Product Owner

Product Management Chicago, Illinois


Position at Gogo Commercial Aviation

To lead us to the next level of growth, the Product Owner / Sr. Product Manager within the Product Management organization will lead agile teams in the execution of value capture for a variety of passenger facing products and experiences as part of the Gogo In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) portfolio.  As a Product Owner, you’re a member of the agile team, and the conduit to internal and airline/partner stakeholders, as well as other Product Owners to define and prioritize stories in the team backlog. The successful candidate will also work closely with our Product Managers on the overall backlog and vision definition and planning activities. You’re a huge advocate of the ‘Why’ and you leave the ‘How’ to your amazing development team. You’re an outcome focused individual with a passion for bettering the inflight passenger experience.

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Job Responsibilities

·       Preparation and Participation in PI Planning - the PO is heavily involved in the preparation (feature writing, WSJF, starter stories, acceptance criteria definition) for PI planning and also plays a significant role in the planning event itself. Before the planning event, the PO updates the team backlog and typically reviews and contributes to the program Vision, Roadmap, and content presentations. During the event, the PO is involved with story definition, providing the clarifications necessary to assist the team with their story estimates and sequencing. The PO also drafts the team’s specific objectives for the upcoming PI.

·       Maintaining your Team backlog – With input from Software/Engineering and other stakeholders, the PO has the primary responsibility for building, editing, and maintaining the team backlog. Consisting mostly of user stories, it also includes technical tasks and enablers. Backlog items are prioritized based on user value, time, and other team dependencies determined in the PI planning meeting and refined during the PI

·       Iteration Planning – The PO reviews and re-prioritizes the backlog as part of the prep work for Iteration Planning, including coordination of dependencies with other POs. During the iteration planning meeting, the PO is the primary source for story detail and priorities and has the responsibility of acceptance

·       Just-in-time story elaboration – Most backlog items are elaborated into user stories for implementation. This may happen before the iteration, during iteration planning, or during the iteration. While any team member can write stories and acceptance criteria, the PO has the primary responsibility for maintaining the flow and ensuring the business outcome.

·       Accepting stories – The PO is the only team member who can accept stories as done. This includes validation that the story meets acceptance criteria and has the appropriate, persistent acceptance tests, and that it otherwise complies its Definition of Done (DoD). In so doing, the PO also assures a level of quality, focusing primarily on fitness for use.

·       Understand enabler work – While POs are not expected to drive technological decisions, they are supposed to understand the scope of the upcoming enabler work and to collaborate with System and Solution Architect/Engineering to assist with decision-making and sequencing of the critical technological infrastructures that will host the new business functionality. This can often be best accomplished by establishing a capacity allocation, as described in the team backlog article.

·       Participate in team demo and retrospective – As the person responsible for requirements, POs have an essential role in the team demo, reviewing and accepting stories. They also participate in the Iteration Retrospective, where the teams gather to improve their processes and are active in the Agile Release Train’s (ART’s) Inspect and Adapt (I&A) workshop