Sr. Unity Engineer - GluPlay

Engineering San Francisco, California

Cooking Dash


At GluPlay, we believe that everything we do should be as fun as possible. We believe that happy, supported, creative and skilled people working (and playing) together is the best way to find the fun in every project or situation.  We've built a strong close-knit team and we pour our hearts into this ethos, for each other, ourselves, and our players.  Our passion for having genuine fun and growing together is why we make games, and why our players play them! For years, our mobile games such as Cooking Dash and Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay have been among Glu's top titles.  We're pioneering new creative development practices, prototyping games that can shape their genres.

We’re working on our largest game yet and need a Sr. Unity Software Engineer to provide some additional engineering horsepower to get things done! You’ll be able to touch on several areas of the game from implementing mechanics to animations and everything in between.

We try to play to your strengths whenever possible, giving you ownership over various systems. You’ll have the ability to provide feedback and design suggestions on the systems that you own as well.  If you don’t want to be caught up in managing others and just want to be a super strong Individual Contributor than this is just the position for you!

You'll most often be:

  • Able to be heads down doing what you do best: Engineering!
  • Providing feedback and design suggestions on subsystems that you own
  • Self-sufficient and setting your own goals
  • Working on solving interesting problems while making a great 2D game for people of all ages

At GluPlay, we believe in advancing the capabilities of everyone we work with. You’ll be exposed to, and will continue to hone your skills in:

  • Entity Component Systems
  • Data Driven Development
  • Creating games with thriving social and event driven features
  • Working on high production value flagship titles
  • Working on server connected games
  • Working with character progression, collection, upgrade and gatcha systems
  • A variety of additional professional development areas, via our Udemy learning hub

If you have a passion for:

  • Contributing as part of a highly collaborative team, where team successes are celebrated
  • Making incredibly fun F2P mobile games for equally passionate and dedicated fans
  • Eating Contests!

And your skills and experience include:

  • 5+ years working with Unity or C# in the mobile space
  • iOS and Android development experience
  • Working with server connected games

Extra bonus if you also happen to already have experience in:

  • Entity Component Systems
  • Animation technology, like Spine and Flash

Then we think you might be someone who would succeed here on the team at GluPlay! If this sounds like the next chapter in the story of your career, we would be excited to meet you! Please apply and we’ll discuss your valuable skills and how we can benefit from each other!