Sr Software Engineer (Unity) - GluSports

Engineering San Mateo, California

Tap Sports Baseball 2018


GluSports is a studio with a strong culture of ownership and agency. We work in a lively, collaborative environment and are passionate about producing the types of games and content that we’d love to play. We’ve had amazing success with MLB Tap Sports Baseball, and we’re also launching WWE Universe while beginning development on an exciting unannounced title! Our studio prides itself on having intensely driven people who love having a great time at work and being part of a winning team.

Whether you are a massive sports fan or not, our studio prides itself on having intensely passionate people who love having a great time at work and being part of a winning team. We’re looking for a Sr. Software Engineer who has passion for making great games!

You'll most often be:

  • Working collaboratively with fellow engineers to identify the most urgent issues and develop a game plan to own and tackle them
  • In close contact with the PMs and other departments to add your voice into design and engineering decisions
  • Given a lot of trust to do your job, without micromanagement or a bunch of meetings

At GluSports, we believe in advancing the capabilities of everyone we work with. You’ll be exposed to, and will continue to hone your skills in:

  • Working with 3D high fidelity mobile games
  • Level Design and planning
  • Working on high production value flagship titles
  • A variety of additional professional development areas, via our Udemy learning hub

If all of this sounds exciting to you, we’ve found that those with these passions and skill/experience background were best setup for success. If you have a passion for:

  • Sports
  • Anything that really drives your life, keeps you up late and gets you out of bed early
  • Taking the initiative and starting your own project, company or product in the past as a direct result of your passion
  • Developing meta-systems, like clubs, point systems, social features and new ways of interacting with each other
  • The Atari sensation: Cyberball (Seriously, we have a league)

And your skills and experience include:

  • 4+ years doing software development in games.
  • Implemented a wide variety of game features in Unity and C#
  • Prior mobile game experience
  • Working with physics and particle systems

Then we think you might be someone who would succeed here on the team at GluSports! If this sounds like the next chapter in the story of your career, we would love for you to apply so we can discuss your valuable skills and how we can benefit from each other!