Sr Game Product Designer

Game Design Burlingame, California

Design Home


Team Overview

At our Crowdstar studio, we believe there is a huge opportunity in interactive entertainment products for women. CrowdStar’s goal is to build products that engage, enrich and empower women.  

With our two top grossing titles, Covet Fashion and Design Home, CrowdStar has developed new ways for users (players) to enjoy fashion and interior design. We are changing how women interact with games. We are changing how they discover and shop for everything from clothing to shoes, furniture to home decor. As a team, we are passionate not only about creating fun and engaging games for women but also enriching lives outside of the game.

Role Overview

Our CrowdStar Studio is looking for a highly creative and multi-faceted Senior Product Designer to shape the next generation of mobile experiences for female players. This future team member will be joining the early stages of a small team developing a brand new product.

This future team member will influence everything from core game concepts to game design to how the narrative is presented to the player. They will be responsible for specific projects such as economy design, social features, and end game play/mechanics. This role needs a strong sense of free-to-play engagement loops focused around fun gameplay elements. The designer will need to be able to think beyond the features and loops to the player psychologies and motivations, and always prioritize the player’s experience.


  • Ideate, prototype and validate feature concepts through user research
  • Think critically and creatively about the needs of the game and player to drive meaningful features
  • Through player research to help define and articulate player motivations
  • Strong sense of UI / UX to work closely with artists to ensure we get the most out of our features
  • Collaborate with the General Manager to help create a feature roadmap that moves us closer to achieving our vision
  • Research, validate, iterate on features in that roadmap before they reach development
  • Design the next set of innovative features targeting numerous key metrics such as early retention and long term engagement
  • Design features in-game to extend the game's influence past the screen and into daily life, providing an even more enriching experience
  • Create and document features and systems for a free-to-play mobile game
  • Think creatively and critically about all proposed changes to ensure success
  • Organize and run team brainstorms and Game Jams


  • 5+ years in design for either social games or apps
  • A passion for learning and user empathy
  • Experience designing product features in social platforms or in-game social features
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to consolidate feedback on designs
  • Strong ability to document features
  • Core knowledge of best design practices
  • Solid balance between “the big picture” and day to day
  • Strong empathy and knowledge of the female audience
  • An understanding of usability principles
  • UI/UX experience
  • An understanding of statistics and analytics