Corporate Counsel & Director, Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory and Compliance Scottsdale, Arizona




This position will be responsible for overseeing the state filing and agency compliance processes and units. Provide expertise to Company personnel with respect to products and compliance.  Ensure that the Company complies with state insurance and related laws with respect to implementation and maintenance of products.  Manage the filings and market conduct process. Maintain and enhance company rapport with State Regulators. Manage the agency contracting process.  The area also manages the appointment process for producers. Select, train, develop, and coach regulatory & compliance staff; ensuring regular communication and feedback. Work with other members of the Legal Department on regulatory and corporate matters.

Position & Responsibilities:

  • Provide legal advice to staff and management on insurance regulatory and compliance matters.
  • Manage regulatory & compliance functions and accountability through several direct and indirect reports.
  • Continuously monitor the tasks and performance of direct reports; coach direct reports towards the accomplishment of short term goals, mentor direct reports for future personal development, develop both individual contributor and leadership staff.
  • Be aware of all filing deadlines and manage staff to deadlines.
  • Manage the agency appointment process through direct staff, understand all workflows and compliance matters involved in such. Facilitate and overcome issues involved in agency compliance through technical knowledge and leadership skill.
  • Maintain regular contact and build constructive relationships with product staff on strategy for state filings with the goal of proactive resolution of filing issues.
  • Keep abreast of current state regulatory environment for lines of business in responsibility and use past experience to assist in overcoming future regulatory hurdles.
  • Manage staff who research, maintain, and update all policy forms associated with personal lines products.
  • Build and maintain constructive relationships with a wide variety of state regulators for the purpose of streamlining future regulatory approval processes.
  • Maintain current and broad knowledge of company underwriting product; understand the business objectives behind regulatory and compliance matters and be able to counsel business on options.
  • Ensure all received consumer complaints from governing bodies such as Insurance Departments are reviewed and promptly; become actively involved in the resolution of such as necessary.
  • Develop internal relationships with internal departments such as IT, Operations, Underwriting, Product Development, and communicate updates regularly – both down to direct reports as well as up to management.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of internal applications and communicate system enhancement requests or issues to IT.
  • Maintain full understanding of underwriting and agent workflow and understand system limitations.
  • Assist and manage new products to agency management.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 4 years’ experience as a regulatory or compliance attorney either in private practice or in the insurance industry.
  • A valid law license in good standing.
  • Prior management experience leading a high performing legal, compliance, operations, underwriting or related team.
  • Prior experience and relationships with various state regulators; the ability to foster relationships with regulators to facilitate the filing process and proactively avoid issues.
  • Ability to negotiate with state regulators to successfully overcome objections.
  • “Hands-on” ability to direct, manage and influence the regulatory and compliance processes.
  • Desire and ability to keep abreast of the regulatory and compliance climate in various jurisdictions and various product lines through journals, various regulatory and compliance databases, SERFF, etc.
  • A positive attitude, with a sense of urgency directed toward the design of creative solutions.
  • Effective leadership skills related to developing high performing teams, communicating effectively to direct reports, understanding concerns of direct reports, coaching performance and developing staff.
  • Ability to communicate directly with a wide variety of internal departments on regulatory matters in a constructive manner, at times using non-technical language – with a focus on problem resolution.
  • Strong organizational skills to be utilized for keeping abreast of objectives and on target, managing system projects through IT, as well as keeping major compliance and regulatory initiatives on track.
  • Technical aptitude for understanding various insurance related agency management systems and the general workflow, being able to understand potential issues or limitations of such.
  • Law degree from an accredited law school.
  • The ability to download the company’s VPN software onto a personal computer to allow for remote work as needed.