Picture Desk Editor, 12 mo FTC

Editorial Content   |   London

Who You Are:

The Picture Desk Editor is responsible for receiving, editing and distributing content to the global market under constant deadlines while ensuring quality, editorial integrity and timely distribution. You’re capable of handling live and non-live workflows depending on assignment and can support major events on site if needed.

Your Next Opportunity:

In addition to possessing a strong understanding of a specialized field (news, sports, current events, celebrities or entertainment), the position also requires keen picture judgment, advanced knowledge of and experience with industry standard editing tools, and a keen understanding of editorial integrity operations. Strong Photoshop skills are mandatory, and are to be used for proper enhancement of digital images such as: color correction, sharpening, cropping and digital noise reduction. Two years of experience within the editorial photography industry is ideal, and working hours in the evening and weekends will be required.

What You’ll Do:

  • Edit live images

o    Maintain high level of journalistic knowledge and alertness to breaking news

o    Work on deadline to accurately and quickly review and edit live images to conform to Getty Images guidelines

o    Photoshop if necessary

o    Assign ranking and routing information to designate where an image is sent

o    Manage assets and events in EWS to pick thumbnails, arrange events on gettyimages.com and fix errors

o    Liaise with other global picture desk editors, photographers, assignment editors DoPs and other internal customers on coverage

o    Answer questions and provide images for external customer requests

  • Edit non-live images

o    Use ESP to edit second edits from primarily sports photographers

o    Communicate with photographers to confirm receipt of images and give feedback

o    Manage assets and events in EWS

o    Provide feedback on ESP and escalate any issues encountered in using a new program

o    Rollout ESP invitations and guidelines to photographers who haven’t used it before

  • Curate for consumers

o    Curate strong and focused sets of images to appeal to a consumer audience

o    Attend the morning editorial meeting to gather ideas

o    Monitor trending tools to determine what consumers are looking for and curate around those topics

o    Maintain high level of awareness on current news, sports, entertainment and popular culture events around the world as well as an awareness of current coverage and archive images available

o    Generate more curation ideas on a daily and longer-term basis

o    Use boards to put together sets of images and publish to the consumer homepage

o    Frequently update gettyimages.com with timeliest sets, and change hero set at least once a day

  • Post to social media

o    Maintain high level of journalistic knowledge and alertness to breaking news

o    Tweet images in response to breaking news

o    Tweet curated sets

o    Post the most stunning or relevant images to Instagram

o    Research and be aware of most relevant hashtags and handles to monitor and use in posts

o    Write captions that are engaging without veering too far away from editorial integrity