Optometrist | Optométriste Regina, Saskatchewan


Position at FYidoctors

Seeking an associate optometrist in a thriving, multi-doctor, multi-location practice with experienced staff in southern Saskatchewan. With two well-established locations in Regina (Fyidoctors Downtown and Fyidoctors Rochdale), one in Balcarres and one in Indian Head, this is a great place for a new graduate or an associate seeking a new opportunity in and around the capital city.

This is a guaranteed opportunity to grow your practice as we plan for a pending retirement in the next one to two years.

PRACTICE DETAILS: Both of our Regina offices are housed in newly renovated, 4000+ square foot spaces with state-of-the-art equipment including Optos, OCT, Humphrey Field Analyzer, Meibox, Pre-test (NCT, Autos, Pachymetry), fully equipped exam lanes (slit lamp, phoropter, exam chair, electronic records), colour vision testing, binocular vision testing, and vision therapy supplies. We currently offer clinical specialties such as specialty contact lens fitting (sclerals), vision therapy, and dry eye.

PRACTICE LOCATION: With Regina’s relatively small footprint, even living “across town” from either practice location offers a reasonable and manageable commute. The moderate size also allows for a sense of community, even in an urban setting. Regina still boasts all the essential amenities of city living, with local restaurants and boutique dining options popping up everywhere and a growing arts scene. Sports fans will of course be able to join Rider Nation, one of the most faithful and zealous fan bases ever known!

Interested applicants connect with Dr. Kayla Beattie at or Dr. Linh La for more information. We look forward to working with you soon!