Senior Marketing Coordinator

Marketing and Business Development Scottsdale, Arizona


Senior Marketing Coordinator

You thrive when juggling multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. You’re a hands-on operator, fine-tuning as you go to improve end results. You’re known for your flexibility, jumping on new projects to seize opportunities when they present themselves. Comfortable with ambiguity and a wide array of personalities, you excel at keeping projects moving and stakeholders looped in.

You’ll work closely with the marketing leader and team members across the operations, recruiting, and consulting functions to ensure that the firm’s message is communicated effectively through all touchpoints. You’ll also support stakeholders in their efforts to forge connections with clients and prospects. You’ll have access to a first-class design and web team, a writer/editor, marketing automation software (Act-On), and a custom WordPress CMS website.

Representative Tasks

  1. Prepare digital communications in Act-On
    1. Remind newsletter contributors about upcoming editorial deadlines
    2. Collect content, assemble and test blasts, and ensure that appropriate lists, timing, and settings are used
    3. Participate in Salesforce/Act-On database cleansing and maintenance activities
    4. Coordinate editorial meetings as appropriate
  2. Coordinate quarterly webinar program
    1. Send webinar attendee confirmations and reminders
    2. Host WebEx events
    3. Generate and distribute continuing education certificates; maintain appropriate paperwork
  3. Produce short written items, including but not limited to:
    1. Descriptions for conferences
    2. Bios
    3. Summaries of thought leadership (TL) pieces
    4. Conference communications and mailers
  4. Carry out calendaring and other tracking-related logistics
    1. Own tracking and archiving of TL
    2. Track due dates and milestones for multiple conferences, projects and commitments
    3. Use Basecamp, Outlook, Excel, and other tools as needed
    4. Connect with team members and gently but firmly move processes forward
  5. Ensure that written materials are reviewed by appropriate parties to ensure technical accuracy, adherence to brand standards, and grammatical correctness
  6. Update website
    1. Draft and post updates for speaking engagements, conferences, webinars, and other events
    2. Post blog articles, ECIBs, webinars, white papers, and other materials to the website, ensuring that appropriate summaries are present, gates and landing pages are used appropriately, tags/keywords are implemented, etc.
    3. Update the homepage to ensure that new materials and events are appropriately displayed, and older items are removed
    4. Double-check links and dates
    5. Update LinkedIn feed when needed
    6. Collaborate with outside web team on site upgrades and tweaks as appropriate
  7. Drive mailing campaigns
    1. Clean and merge data files using Excel text manipulation, VLOOKUP, and other functions
    2. Ensure appropriate grammar, spelling, and formatting
    3. Liaise with printers, outside editors, and design team as needed
    4. For in-house mailings, perform mail merges; corral interns; and supervise folding, stuffing, etc.
  8. Collaborate on an array of initiatives
    1. Liaise with Operations and Delivery teams re: address list generation and data storage
    2. Work with EM Ops and Recruiting on various outreach projects
    3. Oversee and validate follow-ups
    4. Drive improvements to tracking, documentation, and other processes
  9. Coordinate collateral reprints and updates, giveaway reorders, and similar tasks
    1. Participate in and coordinate brochure production
    2. Ensure that brand standards and messaging are present on all materials
  10. Own tradeshow and event participation
    1. Communicate with conference organizers and other external parties to gather logistical information, due dates, etc.
    2. Ensure that required paperwork and other information required by the conference organizers is submitted appropriately
    3. Order exhibitor services and restock giveaways, collateral, and any other supplemental items as needed
    4. Manage the inventory, packing, and shipping processes for tradeshows and other events
    5. Vet potential dinner event venues and drive the planning and execution from thought to finish
    6. Collaborate with consulting leaders to ensure strong dinner event attendance

Required Skills and Characteristics

  1. Flexible, organized, detail oriented and energetic; a reliable, thoughtful colleague
  2. Strong analytical reasoning capabilities; does not shy away from data intensive tasks
  3. Superior command of English grammar and usage
  4. Aggressively sees projects through to completion; comfortable with ambiguity
  5. Willing to be accountable for outcomes and results, not inputs or politics (not a “9-to-5” job)
  6. Feels comfortable tapping people on the shoulder with questions or reminders; keeps stakeholders looped in on progress
  7. Always thinks ahead and plans for contingencies; has “uncommon common sense”
  8. Seeks out information and has a track record of mastering new skills independently
  9. Assertive AND diplomatic; comfortable taking independent action AND collaborating with and/or deferring to others when appropriate
  10. Moves fast, yet knows when to slow down and dive into details
  11. Demands excellence from themselves and values it in others
  12. Comfortable using a CMS and marketing automation software
  13. Intermediate knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  14. Has empathy for people who work extremely long hours; will pitch in as needed to help meet team goals
  15. Can start remotely due to COVID-19

Desired Skills and Characteristics (Icing on the Cake)

  1. Some experience with photo editing, desktop publishing software, HTML, and/or the Creative Cloud
  2. Experience with long-form writing
  3. Camera and video skills

A Few Signs That The Job Isn't Right for You

  1. Can’t someone else do that?”, “That’s not my responsibility”, and “Why does this depend on me?” are routine parts of your inner dialogue.
  2. You’ve said, “The deadline is tomorrow, but it’s 6:00 PM so it’ll have to wait” and meant it.
  3. You assess someone who lets a deadline slip because they’re working 70 hours per week serving clients as just “not having it all together.”
  4. You often ask questions of others that can be answered with a brief Google search, phone call, or record check.
  5. You believe file versioning and naming conventions are a stupid waste of time.
  6. You think it’s unreasonable when stakeholders expect you to provide information that will give them assurance that tasks are being completed appropriately.
  7. If you don’t know what to do next, you wait. And wait.
  8. You’re more worried about what people think of you than the quality of the outcome you produce.
  9. You resent ambiguous or unstructured situations and require perfect clarity at all times to be happy at work.
  10. Changes to plan, multiple revisions, and new assignments that pop up unexpectedly are unacceptable to you.
  11. You are comfortable letting team members down.

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