Senior Post Producer

Content Production New York, New York


The Post Producer guides and manages the day to day workflow for all projects: 

  • Scheduling sessions and policing time blocks;
  • Identifying and hiring freelance talent from personal network;
  • Maintaining a rolodex of freelance content production talent;
  • Creating bids for editorial, audio and in house production jobs;
  • Obtaining bids from outside contracted vendors and processing POs and invoices;
  • Maintaining excellent client service;
  • Communicating and booking outside vendors as needed;
  • Communicating progress with Content Producers, Creatives and account management;
  • Monitoring group profitability and keeping records;
  • Tracking all billable and non-billable work and tracking editor’s time on work
  • Calculating Billable items as they occur and updating Content producers of budget status;
  • Line producing all Production shoots, including booking crew, equipment, locations and talent as needed;
  • Supervising edits and audio sessions to ensure productivity and profitability;
  • Sending editing revisions to all parties and logging progress;
  • Streamlining workflow to combat timing conflicts;
  • Organizing remote records and ISDN patches;


The Post Producer’s role on the Content Production team is to streamline and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, organizing and maintaining schedules and profitability on a job-to-job basis.  It is imperative that EP’s content production studio is run in a similar fashion to outside edit and production houses. The main goal is to provide top-notch competitive service that instills a confidence to both EP+Co employees and its clients. The Post Producer’s role nests itself in account management, and ensures cohesive, profitable results.