Contract SalesForce Developer

Information Technology Superior, Colorado


Contractor Needed! (20-40 hours per week)
This position requires contractor to be in our Superior, CO office 2-3 days per week to work closely with our development team. 

  • Minimum 3 years experience developing on the Salesforce platform including:
    • Configuration experience using the Salesforce point-and-click application administration interface
    • Salesforce Declarative Development
    • Apex / SOQL
  • Experience with enterprise integration tools and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools.
  • Understanding of Databases and SQL.
  • Experience with REST APIs.
  • The ability to write readable and maintainable code, because we all have to support it.
  • A solid understanding of Salesforce governor limits and how to develop solutions within those restrictions. For example:
    • You shall bulkify all the triggers.
    • You shall not perform SOQL queries in loops.
  • The ability to effectively troubleshoot production issues. We love our support team and they love us. Also refer to point on maintainable code.
  • Salesforce release processes, change sets, branches and sandbox maintenance
  • Experience with Git. If it’s not in Git then it doesn’t exist.