Transportation Coordinator

Distribution Center Meriden, Connecticut


* Create and submit for payment weekly spreadsheets that identifies freight dollars by cost center.

* Sort, verify rates and code the carrier freight bills.

* Copy and send a weekly package containing original freight bills to the freight payment providers.

* Ensure freight payment providers have most current carrier contracts.

* Determine the liability and process the over/short and damage merchandise.

* Verify PO and Carton Count on Import Documents. Identify and resolve all discrepancies.

* Maintain accuracy on the Import spreadsheet. Contact inland carrier for support

* Effectively maintain and follow up with the department tools such as voice mail and e-mail.

Requirements for this position:

* Provide excellent customer service to all customers.

* Strong written and verbal communication skills.

* Ability to evaluate information and provide recommendations to problems.

* Analytical and detail oriented.

* Highly organized individual.

* Ability to prioritize and multi-task.\

* Knowledge of Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook