Senior Antenna Engineer - mmW

Engineering Bellevue, Washington


Echodyne has developed a core technology platform that leverages the unique electromagnetic properties of metamaterials to create new class of fast-scanning RADAR systems.  This platform, the Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA) enables the same beam-steering control of a phased-array antenna, but with dramatically reduced cost and complexity.  Echodyne believes this technology has the potential to revolutionize the accessibility of imaging radar systems, and is now developing MESA for a broad range of markets - both commercial and government.

Echodyne is seeking an Antenna Engineer with expertise in printed millimeter-wave antennas to join its team working in a fast-paced startup environment developing its next generation RADAR systems.  This Snr Antenna Engineer will be responsible for analog and digitally beamformed W-band Array R&D projects from concept through fabrication and testing.  This position requires a seasoned engineer who is adept at using a wide-range of tools and methods, and who is able to independently chart an efficient course to goalsThis position requires a self-motivated engineer with a thorough, detail-oriented, approach to design, who thrives in a multi-disciplinary fast-design-cycle environment.


  • Design, analyze, and evaluate complete W-band (77-81GHz) antenna systems, combining a range of tools including full-wave solvers (HFSS), MATLAB models, analytical models, and experimental data.
  • Perform theory-analytic studies of antenna elements, antenna arrays, digital & analog (and hybrid) beamforming techniques and use insights gained from previous work and relevant literature to identify paths to improve performance and manufacturability.
  • Integrate with Manufacturing to support transition of research to concept prototypes through design for manufacture.

Required skills / experience:

  • Experience in designing, fabricating, and testing both single element (patch, dipole, PIFA, etc) and arrayed element (leaky-wave, slotted array, phased-array, etc) antennas at W-band.  This should include understanding theory of operation, manufacturing options, challenges, and typical utilization scenarios.
  • Solid grasp of existing mmW antennas approaches used in commercial automotive radar, including theory of operation, modeling and design, and manufacturing approaches.
  • Understanding of the challenges and requirements of automotive radar applications and how these apply to the design of the antennas.
  • Solid background in electromagnetics and antenna theory, with proven ability to innovate in the area of automotive W-band antennas design.
  • Ability to work logically and efficiently in a fast-moving technical environment with tight milestone schedules.

Desired skills / experience:

  • Strong scientific coding skills, including familiarity with MATLAB.
  • Eligibility to handle export controlled data (ITAR, EAR).


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, ECE, or Physics, with 4+ years designing commercial antennas.
  • BS or MS in Electrical Engineering, ECE, or Physics, with 10+ years designing commercial antennas.

Echodyne is an equal opportunity employer. We want to build a team with a diverse mix of people whose common denominator is talent.  We consider all applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status or disability.