Current Open Positions


Administrative Assistant Toronto, Canada
Administrative Assistant
2 Locations

Contracts / Legal / Logistics

Procurement Specialist Lakewood, Colorado

Design Build and Construction

Construction Manager Tamuning, Guam
Health & Safety Manager Burlingame, California
Health and Safety Supervisor
5 Locations
Health and Safety Supervisor
2 Locations
Intern - Construction Burlingame, California
Intern - Construction Pensacola, Florida
Intern - Construction Burlingame, California
Intern - Construction Lakewood, Colorado
Intern - Construction Estimating
2 Locations
Program Executive - Air Force
5 Locations
Project Manager - Construction
6 Locations
Project Manager - Construction Tamuning, Guam
Quality Control Manager Burlingame, California
Site Superintendent Tamuning, Guam
Superintendent Pensacola, Florida

Environmental / Environmental Remediation

Assistant Project Manager
4 Locations
Assistant Project Manager - Environmental Remediation Toronto, Canada
Associate Environmental Scientist Hudson, Massachusetts
Associate Environmental Scientist Hudson, Massachusetts
Construction Manager Toronto, Canada
Environmental Technician I Abingdon, Maryland
Environmental Technician I Ashland, Nebraska
Health and Safety Supervisor Toronto, Canada
Intern - Environmental Hudson, Massachusetts
Intern - Environmental Lakewood, Colorado
Program Manager - Environmental Remediation Burlingame, California
Project Manager Toronto, Canada
Project Manager - Environmental Remediation
8 Locations
Quality Control Manager Toronto, Canada
Remediation Specialist
3 Locations
Staff Environmental Engineer Toronto, Canada

Munitions Response

UXO Safety Officer / QC Tamuning, Guam

Proposals / Marketing

Desktop Publisher III
2 Locations
Proposal Manager I
2 Locations

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