Lead Crowd Animator (Feature Animation)

Performance (Animation, Creature, and FX) London, United Kingdom


DNEG’s Feature Animation department has been slowly building over the past couple of years and we are delighted to hiring for a Lead Crowd Animator. Together we will bring the vision of both major Hollywood studios and independent productions to life.


We aim to compete with the best in the business and will rely on our experienced Lead Crowd Animator to guide a team of Animators in bringing life to background characters and crowd cycles for our next top feature animation project! As a Lead you will work on the most complex shots and guide your team through challenges they will face. You will be personable and pro-active and enjoy leading and motivating your team. Lead Crowd Animators will have the ability to anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot technical issues for them and their team.

Must Have
• Prior Lead experience on high-end projects
• Responsible for generating animation cycles for use in crowd shots
• Responsible for animating background characters in standalone shots
• Work closely with the Crowds Supervisor to create cycle animation and to ensure convincing motion, as well as provide support and feedback
• Clean up and refine crowd simulations, and integrate additional animation
• Thorough knowledge of Maya and ability to troubleshoot technical problems

About You
• Ability to work well in a team environment
• Highly motivated
• Adaptable
• Must communicate well and be able to take notes and direction

About Us
We are DNEG, one of the world's leading visual effects, animation and stereo conversion companies for feature film and television, with studios in London, Vancouver, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Chennai, Montréal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Goa.