Assistant Account Executive (Healthcare)

Account Management New York, New York


Assistant Account Executive- Healthcare



Assistant Account Executives are passionate in their pursuit of knowledge.  They quickly get to know the DDB creative and strategic product, and they learn about our competitor’s products by looking at work across the category.  They also get to know our people and understand their roles at DDB by interacting with their peers and counterparts.  And they get to know the business by being voracious readers of industry publications.  Although this role is entry-level, we expect Assistant Account Executives to make meaningful contributions to the business quickly after learning the ropes.  Assistant Account Executives are team players and problem solvers, able to quickly adapt to new situations.

Core attributes of an Assistant Account Executive are: Creative, Responsible and Resourceful. 




  • Explores ideas and new approaches with curiosity and open-mindedness.
  • Learns how to evaluate creative and articulate that learning.  Asks themselves key questions: Is the work on strategy?  Has the insight been leveraged? Would our target be motivated/excited? 
  • Understands the agency POV on creative ideas and why.
  • Contributes ideas to improve agency/client’s business.



  • Understands the process from A to Z; not only how things get done, but why. Is active vs. passive in their pursuit of this knowledge.
  • Understands simple agency financial management (revenue, expenses, profit).
  • Manages client budgets flawlessly; works with Account Executive to proactively anticipate budget issues.
  • Responsible for the timely and accurate issuance of all status and budget reports to the client and agency team.
  • Develops and maintains archives of both client and competitive advertising.
  • Monitors timelines and budgets on projects, alerting supervisor of problems and highlighting next steps.
  • Maintains and is the keeper of all relevant brand information (e.g. client/agency briefs, reels, timing, plans, scripts, production estimates, production reconciliations, research results, etc.). 

Knowledge & Skills

  • Knows our DDB product – our work, our Network, our clients -- and what makes our product great.
  • Understands how the agency works, what is important to every department and how those departments inter-relate. Is “second best” at everyone else’s job.
  • Can differentiate strategy from execution.  Understands the components of a creative strategy and how they come together.
  • Owns the ‘brand facts:” budgets, competitive activity, timing



  • Explores ideas and new approaches with curiosity and open-mindedness.
  • Listens well, writes well, has a high attention to detail.
  • Has a can-do attitude that will contribute to the overall office morale and work quality.
  • Ability to communicate in a business-like manner with a diverse range of people, both internal and external.
  • Exhibits professional behavior; attitude, accountability.