Account Supervisor

Account Management St. Louis, Missouri


Position at Rodgers Townsend

Account Supervisors at Rodgers Townsend are passionate about getting the job done. They assist in the execution of all marketing activities driving their business. They anticipate the entire process, from who is involved, to what needs to get done, how it all fits together and how to avoid potential hurdles (or deal with them) along the way. Account Supervisors contribute to their client’s business through their strong understanding of the strategy, the creative product and their role in its creation, and through their knowledge of the client, the client’s business and their consumer.


Business Leader

  • Has deep understanding of the principles of marketing and advertising.
  • Thinks well beyond execution and the current campaign to help contribute to the client’s growth strategy and the agency/client relationship.
  • Brutally organized, with project status top of mind or at least at their fingertips.
  • Has thorough knowledge and understanding of agency processes and the time required to complete each stage. Can formulate the implication of changes to budget and delivery timelines.

Team Builder

  • Proactively questions and problem-solves with Creative, Production and Media departments to ensure smooth progress on all client projects.
  • Understands Rodgers Townsend as a company and its philosophy; brings the Rodgers Townsend values to life.
  • Manages up and down effectively.
  • Is a true partner to their Creative and Strategy partners.

Idea Champion

  • Thinks creatively and inspires creativity in their clients and agency team.
  • Nurtures and protects the integrity of the creative idea; takes the creative to new places.
  • Synthesizes consumer insights, brand knowledge and marketing know-how to effectively defend and persuade their clients to embrace a strong strategic idea and keep it sold.
  • 6+ years of professional experience in advertising, working with fully integrated campaigns.
  • Experience with digital campaigns, social content for business, and specifically Instagram, a plus.
  • Superior presentation and writing skills.
  • Solution-oriented, assertive and resilient.
  • Readiness for personal responsibility.