Design Lead

Creative New York, New York


Design leads bring both experience and expertise to the design process.  They have a proven ability to produce visual solutions that consistently meet the communication needs of clients using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness.

Key Responsibilities: 


·       Collaborates with other creative staff to share learning and experience and to establish initiatives that will improve DDB’s creative product

·       Consistently offers innovative approaches to redefine a design brief while meeting the constraints of cost and time of the client

·       Contributes ideas and design artwork to the overall brief

·       Interprets the client's business needs

·       Thinks creatively to produce new ideas

·       Shows initiative and is proactive in presenting ideas and designs for all agency clients

·       Recommends medium and styles that meet the client's requirements


·       Estimates times and materials needed to meet tight deadlines

·       Maintains accurate and up-to-date timesheets as well as ensuring that all materials are charged to the client

·       Ensures that all jobs are properly collected with all needed materials before they are sent to vendors

·       Keeps creative management current on all aspects of project work and confirms all work before delivery to client or accounts

·       Works on several campaigns at once, under pressure and against tight timelines

·       Consistently produces accurate and high quality work

·       Takes on projects from start to finish and be able to relate all information to others involved in the job with minimal supervision

·       Works daily with the Art Director to ensure all deliverables and deadlines are met and within budget

Knowledge and Skills

·       Provides quality visuals that successfully persuade consumers of the desired communications message

·       Keeps up-to-date on developments in IT, particularly design programs

·       Uses a wide range of media, including photography and computer aided design

·       Attends meetings with account groups to review schedules and advice on any matters that could be foreseen as problems relating to job scheduling 

Relationships / Communications

·       Exhibits excellent communication skills to obtain and relate all information associated with the creative process

·       Collaborates with and provides guidance to agency counterparts including: Project Managers, Designers, Production, Account

·       Represents, when required, senior creative management at agency meetings as well as with clients

·       Builds strong partnerships with Account, Media, and Technical counterparts to enhance quality, productivity and profitability of the agency’s work

·       Represents the design team in client meetings to discus their needs and to present work


·       Works well in a team, with printers, copywriters, photographers, other designers, account executives, website designers and marketing specialists

·       Supports senior management on the identification and development of all agency staff

·       Mentors junior talent on the creative team sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise

·       Contributes to the overall agency morale, spirit, character and work quality

Position Requirements: 

·       5-8 years experience in the Graphic Arts or a related field.

·       Has a professional portfolio

·       Proven and versatile design skills

·       A portfolio containing a collection of best work

·       Advanced training in graphic design, including courses in typography, design, layout and photography

·       Knowledge of and substantial experience working with the latest design software