Global Operations Supervisor - Mars Wrigley

Account Management Chicago, Illinois



  • Deploy global brand strategy across the region maintaining consistency and quality.
  • Be part of a team managing the operational side of deployment of multi-media toolkit assets across multiple markets
  • Be well versed in Brand Fundamentals, and as a brand guardian, apply them across campaign toolkit deployment
  • Use the processes in place to deploy campaigns at a high quality and efficiency
  • Solve any Regional problems and tensions in copy deployment in a localized environment & culture


  • Works with segment Client, Account Director & LAM Operations Director to ensure efficiency and smooth running of LAM structure, workflows, systems and tools at a high level
  • Has strong strategic capabilities with experience at applying global strategy across multiple activating markets within a region
  • Understands the global brand plan and is strategically versed in it
  • Partners with originating team on campaign development to ensure activating markets needs are considered
  • Partners with Brand manager in activating markets to recognize & address any exceptional toolkit needs
  • Assists in and advises on the deployment of any exceptional local market activity using alternate campaign materials
  • Works in 4-way communication with the eg+ team, local brand manager and Operations Director to ensure effective development and deployment of campaign toolkits
  • Is responsible for communicating originating campaign progress and timings in order for all parties to have the necessary creative understanding of the originating copy and plans for adaptations
  • Has strong multi-tasking skills, is sufficiently organized and capable of having oversight of a large volume of projects at a time both top-down & bottom up.
  • Set high standards of attention to detail, and questioning, in order to ensure creative consistency is maintained across market deployment of global copy
  • Has strong interpersonal skills, as job requires remote (phone) communication: consulting & advising clients, as well as steering them in a global brand guardianship role
  • Is familiar with the post-production process, so can oversee adaptation conversations where needed
  • Monitors adaptation requests across multiple markets for creative consistency and quality
  • Provides guidance for local Brand Manager during Eg+ adaptation process where required
  • Assists in resolving any issues arising during deployment; asset localization, usage, trans-creation, cultural sensitivities.
  • Ensures all relevant and required materials are uploaded to the portal, as well as sharing feedback/opportunities for portal optimization by liaising regularly with the Operations Director