Account Supervisor

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Role Title:


Account Supervisor


Role Definition:


The Account Supervisor performs as “general manager” on the account, overseeing and responsible for all the day to day activity on the client’s Account and is the primary client contact. The AS is a key participant in the development of advertising plans, integrated ideas & solutions and creative strategy while ensuring the effective implementation of those plans. In addition, the AS plays a vital role in the training and development of the AE or AAE; and serves to integrate into a cohesive unit the key department and divisions required to maximize client objectives. Given your greater level experience, the AS should now be beginning to look at the big picture within the agency.





  • Is the day-to-day guardian of the client’s brand image
  • Creates innovative and intelligent strategies to solve the client’s marketing and communication needs, both in the short and long term.
  • Develops the right integrated opportunities and ideas for the Account. Knows when and how to bring in new resources in the areas beyond advertising that create opportunities for building the Account and that open up new revenue streams for the agency


  • Ensures that the agency systems and procedures are adhered to and/or improved to ensure the client expectations are fulfilled while agency profitability is protected
  • Constantly monitors agency and division procedures to remove or minimize barriers to the efficient delivery of a quality product
  • Proactively consults with key departments and divisions to keep them informed of upcoming workload; and keep current with other stresses which may affect the timely completion of a client project. Does not commit to unrealistic timings and deadlines without prior consultation of key departments
  • Imbues all team members with a sense of fiscal responsibility, and establishes a tone that keeps the fiscal side of the Account running responsibly. This includes promptly general estimates, overages approved by the client before they happen, accounts receivables kept to a minimum, client billing queries resolved rapidly, etc.
  • Without sacrificing quality, is cognizant of approaches that can help productivity increase while decreasing costs to the agency and/or client
  • Keeps accurate time records and manages time efficiently.
  • Maintains general upkeep of the office and personal areas.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Thorough understanding of the principles of marketing with special emphasis on how these are applied in the client’s Account
  • Thorough understanding of available agency resources, and how to apply them to further the client’s Account and communications objectives.
  • Research-savvy: able to assess and analyze primary and secondary research and develop recommendations from them; actively participates in developing the brief for new primary research
  • Monitors costs on all jobs and ensures that things are produced on time and within budget.  Bills everything that can be. 
  • Ensures full approval and estimates are signed before money is committed. Obtains purchase orders where necessary.  Guardian of job numbers.
  • Develops relationship with appropriate individuals in Finance department, both within Agency and at Client, to ensure queries are resolved speedily. 
  • Understands the financial process, ensures jobs are correctly billed and jobs have not gone over estimate.
  • Liaises with Print/TV Production when overages occur to ensure revised estimates are produced for client approval.


  • Forms a strong bond with client middle management and searches for ways to enhance the client/agency relationship
  • Acts as a coach and chief cheerleader for the account team; motivating through example, constant communication, creative problem solving and contributing to the culture of the agency
  • Develops strong relationships with mid level and senior clients and earns their respect
  • Demonstrates strong relationships among key departments and divisional personnel
  • Assists any other department in need, when required.
  • Understanding client needs and expectations and delivers to and beyond these
  • Starts to lead client and gain their confidence and respect
  • Proactivity in management of projects and deliverables…not waiting for the client to
  • call and followup
  • Has solid relationships with both junior and senior clients and is known to be a reliable Account manager
  • Optimizes and integrates all agency departments and/or divisions involved in the client’s Account through constant communication, ensuring that the client experiences a seamless process regardless of which department of division is being accessed
  • Excellent presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery
  • Demonstrates excellent verbal and written skills and a confident and effective presentations style
  • Liaises with senior agency personnel to ensure constant and timely communication of client issues, concerns or requests; and to keep informed of agency resources and/or profitability issues which may impact client/Agency P/L


  • Builds strategic thinking abilities by keeping current on the industry trends and issues affecting client’s Account; facilitates and provides creative with clear and complete consumer insights in the briefing process which promotes outstanding creative solutions
  • Supervises AE/AAE in the execution of planned projects
  • Helps the Account Director oversee training for the AAE/AE. Assists the AD in setting goals, reviewing progress and conducting annual reviews
  • Demonstrates leadership capabilities and supports their co-workers
  • Maintains a professional appearance and conduct at all times. Exhibits integrity, honesty, professionalism and dependability
  • Contribute to the overall office morale, spirit, character and work quality.