Deburr Technician 1

Deburr Monroe, Washington


  Job Description

Deburr Technician 1: Trainee





Full Time, Non-Exempt

Reports to:

Department Lead

Pay Grade/Range:



Job Summary:


The Deburr Technician 1 receives on-the-job training and supervision to learn to blend mismatches and edge break parts to customer specifications.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Under supervision, learns and performs the following:

  • Understands and is able to meet customer requirements, such as BAC 5300 and BAC 5730.
  • Uses Technician tools such as deburr guns, pencil grinders, etc. to meet customer specifications.
  • Follows all safety guidelines established by the Company, including proper use of safety equipment and relevant safety procedures.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Attributes:


  • Demonstrates a good attitude toward work and arrives on time for start of shift
  • Follows instructions and demonstrates strong attention to detail
  • Communicates well verbally and in writing
  • Mechanically inclined, with good manual dexterity


Education, Skills and Experience:


  • Completion of Damar aptitude test during interview process
  • Safety training is required and provided by the Company in accordance with applicable law, industry standards, and Company policy
  • Ability to perform basic functions with MS Windows-based computer operating systems, such as opening and closing files

Safety Responsibilities:

Damar Leadership is committed to Zero Injuries, Illnesses, and Incidents and we are all responsible for doing our part to help keep our business operating safely. If you are in a leadership role at Damar, it is your responsibility to help provide a safe work environment for your employees. Besides the regular duties as described in your job description, in this position you will also be responsible for focusing on:

  • Reducing the risk of workplace incidents and injuries
  • Promoting safe practices and identifying unsafe conditions and acts
  • Engaging your team and collaborating with others to make safety a shared responsibility
  • Recognizing the value of Safety throughout the organization
  • Implementing organization and structure to ensure the employees are able to achieve and maintain high standards of safety performance
  • Being proactive, preventative and integrated into the safety culture of the entire organization

You will intervene when unsafe acts or situations are observed in any department at Damar and participate in coaching employees. You are also responsible for submitting documentation regarding near miss or accident reports to appropriate parties.             


Physical Demands:


  • Standing, sitting and walking throughout the work day
  • Use of computer keyboard and mouse
  • Lifting up to 40 lbs


Work Environment:


  • The Deburr Technician 1 works in the machine shop environment throughout the workday; this environment may include exposure to noise, dust, fumes, vapor from coolant, etc.
  • Possible skin and inhaled contact with various sealants, paints, adhesives, and other chemicals may occur
  • The Deburr Technician 1 is required to wear hearing protection, safety glasses, and dust mask at all times in the work area
  • Industry standard safety equipment is provided by the Company, and specific notice is posted in areas where safety equipment is required