Stores Clerk

Shipping & Receiving Monroe, Washington


  Job Description

Stores Clerk



Shipping (Materials)


Full Time, Non-Exempt

Reports to:

Shipping / Receiving Supervisor

Pay Grade/Range:



Job Summary:


The FGI Stores Clerk receives and stores incoming parts and hardware (Standards) into FGI Stores, and releases Assembly Manufacturing Orders (MO) and Kits.  These duties are managed and performed as directed by the specific requirements of the Customer, within approval guidelines and procedures established by the Shipping Manager.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Records completion of manufactured parts into manufacturing software system.
  • Stocks completed parts into Finished Goods Stores locations.
  • Relieves inventory of Details and Standards for Assembly Orders (MO) and issues Kits to appropriate staging areas.
  • Processes rework Manufacturing Orders.
  • Processes Miscellaneous Issues (MI) and routes to designated areas.
  • Uses personal computer in a network environment to record, store, retrieve and compile information; maintains various records and logs.
  • Compares inventory records against physical count of inventory, and reports any inaccuracies to the Shipping Manager.
  • Stocks, issues, maintain and records Incomplete Stores product.
  • Performs general maintenance and upkeep of Finished Goods Stores.
  • Follows all safety guidelines established by the Company, including proper use of safety equipment and relevant safety procedures.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Required Attributes:

  • Motivated, dependable individual who exhibits a strong attention to detail. 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to adhere to a flexible and demanding schedule that may result in short days, short-notice unscheduled overtime or additional weekend shifts.


Education, Skills and Experience:



  • High school diploma.
  • Basic math skills. 
  • Familiar with or proficient in Word, Excel, and keyboarding.
  • Completion of APICS training/certification in Basics of Supply Chain Management within 12 months of hire. 
  • Completion of AMT aptitude test during interview process
  • APICS training/certification in Basics of Supply Chain Management.


Safety Responsibilities

Damar Leadership is committed to Zero Injuries, Illnesses, and Incidents and we are all responsible for doing our part to help keep our business operating safely. If you are in a leadership role at Damar, it is your responsibility to help provide a safe work environment for your employees. Besides the regular duties as described in your job description, in this position you will also be responsible for focusing on:

  • Reducing the risk of workplace incidents and injuries
  • Promoting safe practices and identifying unsafe conditions and acts
  • Engaging your team and collaborating with others to make safety a shared responsibility
  • Recognizing the value of Safety throughout the organization
  • Implementing organization and structure to ensure the employees are able to achieve and maintain high standards of safety performance
  • Being proactive, preventative and integrated into the safety culture of the entire organization

You will intervene when unsafe acts or situations are observed in any department at Damar and participate in coaching employees. You are also responsible for submitting documentation regarding near miss or accident reports to appropriate parties.


Physical Demands:


  • Standing, sitting and walking throughout the work day. 
  • Lifting and carrying up to 40 pounds. 
  • Use of computer keyboard and mouse.