Augusta - Residential Communications Technician

Dish Tech Augusta, Georgia

Residential Communications Technician| $50+ pay for performance

  • Pay for Performance
  • Highest Industry Pay
  • Company Sponsored Certifications (Up to $5000 value)

We are Custom Communications Inc., the largest sub-contractor serving satellite TV, LTE for the Home & cell phone repairs operating multi-regionally across the southeast and into the northeast. We partner with industry leaders in subscriber based communications to perform residential installations, service and repairs for digital TV & Internet customers.  We also perform cell phone repairs for the largest insurer of mobile devices. 

Through service agreements & equipment investments we deliver more work and inventory to our talented force of Residential Communications Technicians.  Our Technicians are Owner Operated, Independent Contractors that rely on our ability to deliver consistent, high paying work. 

Experienced contractors will have priority:
We are seeking 10+ residential communications technicians specifically satellite technicians. Relative experience includes cable tech, security, fire & alarm tech, home theater installers, etc.

**We outperform and out-pay every other contractor in the industry, period.  Top performers can break $80,000:

  • Satellite Video
  • Satellite Internet
  • Video/Audio Installations
  • In Home Sales – yes technicians add sales to existing customers
  • 4G LTE to the Home
  • Cell Phone Repair 

What it takes to be successful: 
Profitable technicians chase the work.  

  • 2-4 work orders per day
  • 5-6 days per week in ALL weather conditions
  • Regular weekends, share holidays

What to expect:
While anyone can do this, it may not be for everyone.  Technicians should expect:

  • Driving – driving, and more driving.
  • Heights – must be able to climb ladders, rooftops, peaks... 
  • Small attics in summer
  • Tight crawl spaces in winter
  • Hard work – you may be digging, shoveling, carrying, climbing, drilling, kneeling; crawling
  • Up-selling existing customers
  • Managing your inventory and billing - $$$
  • Managing your performance metrics - $$$

Things We Expect: 

  • Professional customer service soft skills
  • Dependable, consistent availability
  • Entrepreneurial sprirt
  • Can do attitudes to overcome unexpected adversities
  • Self manage our inventory and your invoices
  • Professional, sharp appearances in both personal and vehicle presentation

Needed fundamental exposure:

  • Low voltage in general
  • audio/video signal paths
  • Home Theatre setup / surround sound

Who you'll be working with: 

  1. Recruiting and Onboarding Team until you're field ready
  2. Senior tech & Operations while you transition to success
  3. Operational support team to maintain your success

You Must Have: 

  1. White Van or Truck
  2. Clean Criminal History, Clean Driving Record, Pass a Drug Screen
  3. Be 18 or over to legally sign a contract 

We’ll Help You: 

  • Obtain affordable contractors insurance
  • Pair you with a Senior Contractor to gain experience
  • Complete required background investigations with all other compliance issues - to get the work


  1. We'd like to speak with you to determine if you might be a good fit for our organization
  2. Meet in person & fill out contract requirments with insurance (we'll help)
  3. Complete drug screen and onbaording steps to become field ready
  4. Pair with senior to get experience
  5. Start working and making decent money
  6. Manage performance to increase pay
  7. Cross train, & achieve Master Technician
  8. Become Senior Technician, take additional projects... upward mobility
First steps:
  • Finish quick online application & upload your resume.
  • Then please call us Mon-Fri 8-5. We don't want to play phone tag anymore than you do:)
  • The field opens to the first 10 qualified completed contracts immediately

(919) 861-7357