Memphis - Mobilized Cell Phone Repair Service Person

Asurion Phone Repair Memphis, Tennessee

Mobilized Cell Phone Repair Service Person

Who do you know with a broken phone screen?  This is an estimated 4 billion dollar industry & growing - everyone is trying to get in.

Asurion, the largest phone insurer there is, offers "tech on demand" repairs completed at customers' locations.

This service is the most sought after type of repair available.

We need help!

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This contract offers 2-4 repairs per day at customers' locations. Monday-Saturday.

This contract requires:
• Use of your well maintained, late model vehicle
• That you acquire specific contractors insurance coverage
• Extremely clean criminal history, driving record & drug screen
• Participate in a free 1-2 day classroom certification
• Purchase approved standardized tool kit - $225-$270 & a few nice polos
• App use for work order status, close out, inventory management & invoicing
• You return bad glass with pre-paid postage

Relative skills required:
• Cell phone repair - you take cell phones apart, put them back together & they work!
• Micro-electronics - any small precision work requiring magnifying glasses, etc.
• Patience, excellent vision & steady hands - the screws, parts and tools are tiny!
• Driving, honoring time frames, integrity & customer satisfaction

This contract pays:
• $40 per repair
• $15 when repairs cannot be completed

Repairs can take as little as 20 minutes or up to 90 minutes. Most iPhones are done well under an hour.

Customers choose from 5 timeframes:
• 9-11
• 11-1
• 1-3
• 3-5
• 5-7

Your service area is a 35 mile radius.

Call now: 919-861-7357
Text: 919-807-1367, or