Cell Phone Repair Technician | Jonesboro, AR Region

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Custom Communications, Inc. of Garner, NC

Est. 1998. Growing across the southeast into the northeast & mid-west, we provide industry leaders a workforce to perform residential installations, service and repairs for digital TV & Internet customers.  We are the largest sub-contractor serving satellite TV and LTE for the Home and perform cell phone repairs for the largest insurer of mobile devices.  We travel extensively to serve national contracts in commercial LED conversion markets and continue to acquire lucrative and growing partnerships with industry leaders. Operating to outperform and out-pay every other contractor in the industry is a core philosophy that drives our success.

Core business primary objectives:

  • Provide a highly sought-after workforce to major industry partners
  • Provide work to our field technicians

Through service agreements & equipment investments we deliver more work and inventory to our talented force of field technicians than other contractors in the industry.  This is most important to our corporate team because our Owner Operated, Independent Contractor workforce relies on our ability to deliver consistent, high paying work opportunities in the following areas:

  • Satellite Video
  • Satellite Internet
  • Video/Audio Installations
  • In Home Sales
  • 4G LTE to the Home
  • Cell Phone Repair
  • LED Lighting

Mobilized Cell Phone Repair Technician

Ideal candidates are individuals that are already performing phone repairs or show a strong interest in becoming certified and growing with our company.

The selected cell phone repair technician for this area will use their own approved vehicle to complete multiple cell phone repairs daily, Monday-Saturday at the customer’s home, workplace or anywhere.

Repairs are limited to:

  • Screen with LCD replacements only
  • iPhone & SAMSUNG only
  • Anywhere in the technicians 30 mile radius region (60 miles end to end)


  • $40 per completed repair
  • $15 per non-completed repair*
  • We supply replacements parts
  • We supply pre-paid shipping for replaced parts return
  • Weekly direct deposit starts 2 weeks after 1st week completed

How it works:

Customers pick a day:

  • NO SOONER than 3 days out
  • NO Sundays

Customers pick a timeframe:

  • 9-11am
  • 11-1pm
  • 1-3pm
  • 3-5pm
  • 5-7pm

Customers pick an address anywhere within the technician’s region:

  • Home, work, café, anywhere!


  • 30 mile radius (60 miles end to end)
  • Regions can be segmented by the day but not reduced overall
  • Technicians own their regions

Once scheduled:

  • Work orders appear in technicians pending schedule
  • Replacements parts ship to the technician

Once completed:

  • Technician “Real Time” manages inventory and billing in web-based systems
  • Technician ships bad parts in pre-paid return box
  • Payment is deposited two weeks after current week ends

Technicians are responsible for:

  • Using their own late model, undamaged, well-maintained vehicle to run routes in (Similar to Uber/Lyft requirements)
  • Using our web-based systems to “Real Time” track inventory, order status & payments
  • Maintaining contract compliance & meeting insurance requirements

Background Requirements:

  • Drug screen
  • Clean criminal history
  • Clean moving violation report
  • Legally drive
  • Legally sign a contract

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Undamaged, late model, well maintained & clean

Insurance Requirements:

  • Sub-contractor's General Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 aggregate)
  • Automobile Liability ($300,000 per occurrence bodily harm)
  • Recruiting team provides detailed insurance instructions

Uniforms & Tools:

  • Required Polos are issued to technicians. $45 set of 3 is payroll deducted
  • Required Tools are issued to technicians. $225 purchased, $275 financed

Next steps:

  1. Complete quick online application
  2. Speak to us 8-5 Mon-Fri (eastern)
    • Call (919) 861-7357
    • Text (919) 801-1367