Fayetteville - In Home Communications Technician

Dish Tech Hope Mills, North Carolina

In Home Communications Technician| $50-$80k

  • No Experience
  • Highest Industry Pay
  • Company Sponsored Certifications (Up to $5000 value)
  • Company Paid Sign On Incentives (Up to $2500 Value)

 We are Custom Communications, Inc. of Garner, NC

Operating across the southeast and into the northeast, we partner with industry leaders in subscriber based communications to perform residential installations, service and repairs for digital TV & Internet customers.  We are the largest sub-contractor serving satellite TV and LTE for the Home & perform cell phone repairs for the largest insurer of mobile devices there is.  We outperform and out-pay every other contractor in the industry, period.  Should you google us, please verify you are viewing CCI of Garner, NC – there are others out there with similar names!

 We provide work to In Home Communications Technicians

Through service agreements & equipment investments we are able to deliver more work and inventory to our talented force of In Home Communications Technicians than anyone else in the industry.  This is most important to our team because our friendly In Home Communications Technicians are Owner Operated, Independent Contractors that rely on our ability to deliver consistent, high paying work opportunities. Top performers can break $100,000 annually performing:

  • Satellite Video
  • Satellite Internet
  • Video/Audio Installations
  • In Home Sales – yes technicians add sales to existing customers!
  • 4G LTE to the Home
  • Cell Phone Repair

 Successful In Home Communications Technicians Like Money

Profitable, experienced technicians chase the work.  We’re looking to partner with goal oriented, career minded contractors seeking to capitalize on the revenue potential of this opportunity.  The money is where & when the work is:

  • 2-4 work orders per day
  • 5-6 days per week
  • Regular weekends
  • Share holidays
  • All weather work
  • Lead in Customer Satisfaction & In Home Sales

“No Experience Necessary” VS “Not For Everyone”

While anyone can do this, our brand of “Blue Collar Labor” may not be for you:

  • Driving - all the time, everywhere… and then some more driving.
  • Heights – Ladders, rooftops, peaks, near gutters, wherever the antennae may be.  You need the ability to get ‘r done.
  • Ever been on asphalt shingles mid-July?  Shoes can melt, boots are better.
  • How about small attics in August?  Hard to breath when you’re claustrophobic.
  • Ever been in a wet crawl space mid-winter?  See any dead critters?
  • Digging, shoveling, carrying, climbing, drilling, kneeling, crawling, pulling – work!

Successful In Home Communications Technicians Make Money

Weekly direct deposits begin 2 weeks after you complete your first week of invoices. Sign On Incentives, Bonuses & Credits ($1000-$2500) are applied to your account after 25 invoices. Your “Walk On Pay Grade” will pay out these amounts or higher:

  • $40 service calls
  • $61 for plugging in sound bars
  • $97 single receiver video installation
  • $97 broadband install
  • $100 TV mount installation
  • $179 broadband & single video receiver installation

We’ll Help You Get Started With No Experience

Acting as your agent, here’s everything we’ll do to help you get started:

  • Find affordable contractors insurance
  • Secure a Senior Contractor to Ride Along with to gain experience
  • We’ll order and pay for your required background investigations – each provider is different!
  • We’ll create and optimize your third party profiles with major providers to receive work assignments
  • Assist with financing required tools & materials should you need – scheduled deposit deductions, etc…
  • Provide temporary Invoice Review & Business Rules Coaching – till you get the hang of the $ details!

 Non-negotiables That You Must Bring:

  1. Van - Truck if no Van.  Painted white, eventually if not already – we might pay for paint too
  2. Clean Criminal History, Clean Driving Record, Agree to Drug Screen, No Open Cases
  3. Flexibility, Integrity & Passion for Success!

 Become An In Home Communications Technician:

It takes around 2 weeks to be cleared to enter the field.  It might take you another 3 weeks to start out on your own – depends on you!  If you are looking for work now, do not wait.  There’s too much to do & we have too much work coming in right now.  We need you to be ready to make money and to be set for success:

  1. Apply
  2. Talk to us – Our information will be emailed after you apply. Call us right away, be aggressive!
  3. If you qualify, we’ll put you in a meeting with the Contract Manager
  4. You complete the contractors packet – and we get to work on your background and profile
  5. Learn to make money
  6. Start making money