Repairs Needed | Cell Phone Repair Work Available - El Dorado, AR

Asurion Just In Time El Dorado, Arkansas

Repairs Needed – We have Cell Phone Repair Work Available

We are seeking to supplement current cell phone repair companies, stores or individuals with additional cell phone screen repair work.

We have approximately 1 repairs per day in a 30 mile radius around El Dorado, AR Monday-Saturday.

This is a part time to supplemental income opportunity that requires a flexible schedule with dependable results which puts existing cell phone repair providers in the perfect position to gain an extra repair job per day in most cases… sometimes more. 

One great benefit to these work orders is they don’t compete with current businesses because 100% of these jobs are insurance claims.  Meaning there’s absolutely no retail work involved. Since there’s no retailing, there’s no conflict of interest with current businesses.

About our cell phone repair jobs:

When customers file an insurance claim to have their cell phone screen repaired, they are offered a repair with the following options:

  • Performed at their home or office
  • On the day of their choice
    • NO SOONER than 3 days out
    • Sundays off limits
  • Choose timeframe:
    • 9-11am
    • 11-1pm
    • 1-3pm
    • 3-5pm
    • 5-7pm

Once scheduled, replacement glass is shipped to the repair provider & the work order appears in the providers pending schedule.

Repair providers use their own approved vehicles to meet customers with cracked cell phones at their home or office, and make repairs on the spot.

  • $40 per completed repair
  • $15 per non-completed repair

Repair providers manage jobs, inventory and billing (all in real time) using 2 web based systems.

Bad glass obtained during repairs are tracked in the system and will need to be returned to a shipping drop off point.

Payments are deposited 2 weeks AFTER the current work week ends.


Vehicle Requirement:
Repair providers supply and use their own vehicles, like modern ride hailing services. The vehicle must be clean, well maintained, presentable & professional. 

Background Requirement:
Repair providers are approved through criminal background investigations. Providers must pass:

  • Drug screen
  • Criminal history
  • Moving violation report

Required Abilities:

  • Legally drive
  • Legally sign a contract (18 yrs. of age)
  • iPhone & SAMSUNG cell phone screen repair

Insurance Requirements (details provided during onboard process):

  • Sub-contractor's General Liability Insurance $1,000,000 aggregate
  • Current Automobile Liability @ $300,000 per occurrence minimum

Specific details concerning insurance requirements are provided during the onboard process.

Overall Expectations:

  • Pass background investigation
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Meet requirements for specialized tool kit
  • Manage schedule well in advance
  • Cover all work in assigned area
  • Meet driving expectations with on-time arrival
  • Import inventory into system as replacement parts arrive
  • Maintain app based work assignments, pay & inventory with real time documentation in systems
  • Earn high customer approval ratings with professional soft skills
  • Manage bad glass returns in system and to shipping drop off point