Entry Level Recruiter

Recruiting Raleigh, North Carolina

Custom Communications, Inc.

Supplying award-winning, mobile field service technicians for over twenty years

CCI is one of the nation's largest providers of managed mobile field services. Over the last 20 years, we’ve become an industry leader by successfully developing a unique model that exceeds customer and client service expectations. Through active monitoring, hands on management and direct relationships with our technicians, CCI consistently delivers award-winning customer service for our clients.

Core objectives:

  • Provide a highly sought-after workforce to major industry partners
  • Provide work to our field technicians
We are a growth driven organization that puts recruitment at the core of our business.  This entry level position is a key position for future advancement.  Focused on filling workforce demands for very large communications companies there is never a dull moment & "routine" means "change".  If you are able to meet the requirements below... we invite you to challenge yourself and improve your skill set with an industry leading, multi award winning... recruiting machine.

Entry Level Recruiter:

Primary duties are carried out through a web based applicant tracking system.  When filled this position will do these things for our organization:

  • Increase candidate response rate
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve candidate engagement during on-board process
  • Improve and support our recruiting team who also leads company branding, moral boosting, gift giving, party and event planning

Your time spent with candidates:

  • Emailing
  • Calling
  • Texting
  • Online chatting
  • Tracking
  • Engaging
  • Producing

Boring but important requirements:

  1. Educational background with some related experience
  2. Career minded goal set seeking an entry level position with long term advancement opportunity
  3. Ability to track and manage multiple tasks in a fast changing environment
  4. Regularly work Mon-Fri 8-5
  5. Passing the same background check our recruited technicians must pass


  • Hourly pay rate will be commensurate with selected candidates
  • Paid holidays
  • 401k immediate vested – 2 opt ins per year
  • Excellent Healthcare - approx. 80% company paid 
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Dental/Vision

Candidates that stand out:

"Salesy" approach

Our recruiting team focuses on non-employee 1099 blue collar contractor relationships. If you are interested in a recruiting position solely for HR aspects then this role may not have the exposure you're looking for.  Candidates more interested in the front end sales side of recruiting flourish. We find purple squirrels!

"Whatever it takes" culture

Supplying award winning field service technicians for over twenty years doesn't happen by accident.  Adapting first means change. We think outside the box and try new things.  We're looking for candidates that want to join us in our creative sandbox and help us make it better. We're problem solvers and we're growing!

Looking to plant roots

This position is just the tip of the ice berg. Vast business knowledge and areas of expanded responsibility await the right candidate seeking to increase their pay as they add value. We're growing and just moved into a new corporate facility in North Raleigh. We may outgrow the new location this year :) Standout as a great candidate to grow your career and come along for the ride!