Software Engineering Manager (Quality)

Engineering North Billerica, Massachusetts


We are seeking an experienced hands-on Software Engineering Manager (Quality) to help us achieve our mission of enabling student success through adaptive learning and placing actionable data in the hands of teachers through our i-Ready® platform.

Commanding knowledge of a variety of testing techniques and approaches is required. You’ll be reviewing Senior and Principal level Engineers’ approaches to testing and provide guidance and support when necessary.  You know how to monitor and adjust workloads across multiple teams for efficiency and thoroughness.  You know when and how to remove roadblocks for the team.  We do not require ISTQB / ISEB – but we don’t hold it against you for having them.

Curriculum Associates i-Ready® is a database-backed, high-volume, multi-tenant, SaaS JEE web application used by students and educators across the country, at home and school, on desktop and mobile devices, year-round. You understand the quality-related challenges involved in ongoing operation, support and development in this context; and how to best support them through test activities. You are comfortable testing beyond the UI, leveraging deep knowledge of web and data technologies to this end.

It is unlikely that anyone with less than 3 years management experience will be suitable for this role, but we have been pleasantly surprised before.

You’ll be asked support one or more scrum teams while initially managing 3-5 Quality Engineers. You will report to a Director of Software Engineering (Quality).


  • You are an excellent tester and coach.  You leverage these skills to grow, retain, and strengthen our team.
  • You get the best from your team through feedback, coaching, and delegating.
  • You know that managers are communicated through; you listen and share.
  • You communicate directly, honestly, and concisely.
  • You build relationships with peer managers, leadership, stakeholders, and direct reports.
  • You naturally share your knowledge with others and enjoy learning from your peers.
  • You empower a team without micromanaging; you also know when to step in.
  • You’re an agent of change.  You know things can be better, so you motivate, influence, and guide through change.
  • You know that software development is a team activity and set the tone that it’s not us vs them.
  • You articulate the strategic vision for test activities over the scope of a long-term project.  You align and adjust the activities of your team to support this vision.
  • You identify intrinsic and extrinsic risks to the product and/or project and proactively communicate, mitigate, and resolve them.
  • You work with your peers to organize, schedule, and staff upcoming work.
  • You keep up with industry trends, technologies and practices.  You introduce these concepts into projects when applicable.
  • You treat test code with the same procedures as production code.


This role will require knowledge of:

  • Testing – you have mastered a variety of test techniques and methodologies; and are familiar with prominent voices in the online testing community. You know and can articulate the challenge of complete testing.
  • Test automation – you have working knowledge of a modern programming language, test automation patterns, tools and frameworks. You have experience building test frameworks and/or managing test automation projects. You understand the tradeoffs of testing at different application levels.  You understand the inherent costs of test automation, and prioritize maintainable, impactful code.
  • Self-motivated learning– you will be able to describe your approaches to gaining new knowledge and skills, and how you apply them to become a better tester and leader.
  • Coaching – you have multiple approaches to help motivate and influence different personality types.
  • Test Project Management – you have methods to plan and track a project; to succinctly communicate status and progress; and identify and mitigate risks.
  • Agile software development – you know the common methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Crystal, Lean) and can articulate and demonstrate how a strong tester can best support their team in that context.
  • Web applications – fluency in HTML and CSS and firm knowledge of HTTP and web browsers is expected; knowledge of web services, Java, JSON, JavaScript, and React (or similar) are helpful too.
  • Data technologies - fluency in SQL and relational databases is required, some knowledge of non-relational storage technologies, data warehouses, dimensional modeling, batch and streaming data is a bonus.

Key Skills:

  • You listen first, talk second.
  • You are listened to.
  • You give and ask for feedback.
  • You stand up for what you believe is right, and back down for what you realize is wrong.
  • You know when to be decisive and when to facilitate a group to decide.
  • You acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of your team.
  • You talk about performance with your team regularly.
  • You are willing to take critical feedback and turn it into positive steps towards resolution.
  • You can draw and model the system under test and use to discuss the impact of potential change and test approaches with team members.
  • You can think playfully about serious matters.
  • You align the team and individual output based on business awareness.
  • You are skeptical.
  • You see failure in success; and identity value in failure.
  • You value critical thinking, curiosity, creative thinking, and analytical thinking.  You are interested in metacognition and how it applies to software testing.
  • You know when automated testing is better than manual testing.
  • You know when manual testing is better than automated testing.
  • You are passionate about great software.
  • You have strong user empathy and sense of UI aesthetic.
  • You solve hard problems both independently and collaboratively.
  • You search through logs or crash reports to help isolate and identify the root cause of issues and are comfortable doing this from the command line.
  • You make sense of large volumes of data to identify patterns which might be indicative of problems.  You know how to apply various tools and techniques to work with large volumes of data.
  • You have experience with distributed version control systems, and CI/CD environments.

Who should not apply:

  • DO NOT APPLY if you prioritize documentation over testing.
  • DO NOT APPLY if you need someone to tell you what to do.
  • DO NOT APPLY if you believe 100% of all tests can and should be automated.

Final note: We are looking for a candidate who will bring their passion for testing to our growing test team and is interested in becoming a better tester while also encouraging and motivating others in the team to do the same. If most of the statements above describe you, demonstrate your attention to detail by writing a cover letter that describes why you fit our profile and your passion for testing.

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