Preschool Teacher for Children Age 2

Teacher for Children Age 2 Atlanta, Georgia


For more than 20 years, Crème de la Crème’s Early Learning Centers of Excellence have taken the best of the best from various philosophies and combined them to develop a strong learning-to-learn foundation. Through focused on learning skills, the curriculum addresses the needs of the total child and his or her physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development. The learning-inspired floor plan of Crème’s facilities is designed to let children blossom. Crème’s free-standing signature buildings, 21,000 square feet of early learning centers of excellence, have natural, energizing sunlight streaming in from an atrium skylight and are designed, sized and appointed for the way children love to learn. Children move through themed rooms for enrichment classes that include KREM-TV, interactive TV studio, second language, computer lab, library, Coconut Theatre, creative movement, and gym. Outdoors they enjoy basketball courts, a custom-designed mini water park, the Trike Garage, and several play areas. Atlanta, Georgia, - Crème de la Crème, Early Learning Center of Excellence, located on Roswell Rd, is looking for people who can stimulate, guide and open-up the joy of learning for children. 
We are actively seeking energetic, imaginative, collegial, caring, patient, observant individuals whose love of children and learning make them prime candidates to be Teachers specializing in Early Childhood Learning. Applicants must have a degree in education or of the like. For more information about Crème de la Crème, visit our website at