Audit Assistant

Accounting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Provides and creates source data for audits, monitors audits in progress and ensures projects are successful. This includes preliminary preparation, assist in field work and quality control of work product.


Under the supervision of Internal Audit Director:

Performs preparatory work for audits of other companies, creates databases for audits of other companies from available data. Reviews invoices for accuracy and adequate support, summarizes analysis results, and summarizes work papers. Performs quality control checks. Investigative ability and an ability to apply contract terms required. Identifies unusual trends for further investigation. Maintain a status of audits and results of department work quarterly. Follows up on recommendations to ensure recommendations are implemented. This position may require out-of-town travel on an as-needed basis.

  • Perform Vendor and Joint Venture audit procedures of Vendors and other Operators in-house and out-of-town as required including input, analysis for accuracy and appropriate evidence.
  • Perform audits utilizing JV audit protocol.
  • Write preliminary findings, audit reports and finalize aspects of work papers.
  • Self-review the work to determine audit objectives achieved and evidence supports claims.
  • Perform other preparatory work as required to meet the objectives of the department and Company including tests of SOX controls, operational audits and other assignments.
  • Host audits of CLR providing JADE and other information before the audit, schedule work space and resources, if any required, for the performance of the audit, respond to written requests, and maintain a log of requests.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, SAP. Experience with other systems used by CLR preferred with skills in analyzing and obtaining data from various medium and systems.
  • Proven team player


  • High School degree with some college preferred. With no college, extensive experience in an office environment.
  • An acceptable pre-employment; background and drug test