Landman II

Land Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Job Summary

Second-level Landman position requiring less supervision and increased degree of independent responsibility for majority of essential duties. This position requires a stronger proactive approach and higher degree of independence, professionalism and dependability with more advanced negotiating, communication, organizational and attention to detail skills and a more advanced understanding of land, legal and oil & gas industry principles, processes and procedures.


With frequent supervision and limited independent accountability, either directly or through the use and supervision of independent contractors, perform the following:

  • Determine title to prospective lands, availability for leasing and applicable regulatory guidelines.
  • Acquire interests in prospective lands by leasing directly from landowners or via negotiating agreements with industry competitors.
  • Advise lease records department of acquisitions and ensure the particulars of the acquired interests are accurately set up in the system for maintenance and accounting.
  • Either directly or through use and supervision of outside attorneys, perform whatever actions are reasonably necessary to confirm title and otherwise protect the Company's interest prior to commencement of drilling operations, including where necessary, obtaining title opinions for lands where wells are to be drilled and ensure that all necessary title curative is performed.
  • Negotiate, draft and consummate all necessary agreements with third party participants to ensure payment of costs and proper operation of wells.
  • Negotiate and enter into contracts related to the company's participation in wells drilled by other companies.
  • Advise and continually update Accounting and Division Order Departments of information necessary to ensure that all billable expenditures are proper billed out and collected.
  • Advise management and other departments of pertinent matters related to ownership of leases and drilling of wells (i.e., who should receive information from wells, specific obligations contained in leases, etc.).
  • Either directly or through the use and supervision of outside attorneys, obtain necessary regulatory orders and approvals relating to drilling or producing wells.
  • Provide attorneys with the information necessary for making applications in regulatory matters and provide actual testimony in hearings.
  • Timely provide the Division Order Department information necessary to ensure proper distribution and collection of revenue attributable to initial production from wells, such as post-completion title confirmation and information, including division order title opinions where applicable and providing particulars of all pertinent contracts and agreements. Communicate with Division Order personnel to whatever extent is necessary to insure they completely understand all pertinent matters about the well being transferred.
  • Effectively and timely communicate with supervisor and / or management as to all matters in an easily understood format.
  • Effectively participate with team members from other departments and regularly interact with those parties to generate and advance prospects and opportunities, solve problems and generally add value to the Company.
  • Be effectively proactive developing and implementing negotiating tactics and strategies.
  • Contribute by finding and developing prospective opportunities for adding Company value and improving operating efficiencies and productivity


  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Proven team player


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college. Business Administration or Energy Management degree preferred.
  • At least three (3) years of experience as a Landman I with an active oil and gas exploration company.
  • AAPL Certified Petroleum Landman certification preferred.
  • Requires excellent attention to detail, organizational, time management and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to handle many items at a time, and numerous projects working simultaneously.
  • Must have an advanced degree of knowledge, understanding and confidence when independently dealing with the various land related legal documents, in-depth title and ownership matters and the various types of transactions agreements made between companies regarding buying and selling leases, participating in wells, etc.
  • Requires significant working knowledge and understanding of everyday oil & gas related matters and how each department and the various disciplines function and interact.
  • An acceptable pre-employment background and drug test.