Our Values

At Cloudera, we're building a company for the long term. The way we behave today, and the values that underlie our actions, are fundamental to that long-term success.

Be Open

  • At our core, we are open. We believe in transparency—with each other, with customers, with partners, and with the community. That way, everyone understands our goals and plans.
  • We believe that open source, open standards, and open markets are best.
  • We are open to ideas and help from others. We evaluate our successes and failures honestly, and we share constructive feedback. We always trust each other.

Grow with Cloudera

  • We invest in our people by trusting and empowering them. We believe in creating an environment that enables our employees to grow.
  • We take responsibility for each other’s personal, as well as our collective, success. We enable fellow Clouderans to develop new skills, and we promote from within.
  • We intend to harness the best thinking, and the best thinkers, on the planet.
  • We believe that greater diversity leads to greater ideas.

Fly in Formation

  • We are one Cloudera.
  • We are not about personal victory. Instead, we are about optimizing globally—for the company, our customers, our partners, and the community.
  • We believe that success for the company is success for its individuals.
  • Like geese, we fly in formation. We fly tighter when things get difficult, and we take turns leading one another. We always move in a common direction.
  • If we fly in formation, we will always be successful.

Be the Change

  • We always remember that not trying is worse than failing.
  • Whatever the role, we innovate. And we take both initiative, and risks, along the way.
  • Impatient for progress, we contribute our ideas and try to fix problems without being asked.
  • We look for opportunities to make change—in the company, in the marketplace, and in the community.
  • We have the courage to change our industry and impact how our customers work.
  • At our core, we are passionate about making an impact. We take pride in knowing that our efforts make the world a better place.

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