GCM Intern

Golf Course Maintenance Landrum, South Carolina


JOB SUMMARY: At Cliffs Club Services, qualified internships are offered in all of our business functions and at many of our locations. Internships provide students with an opportunity to provide professional support and become an integral part of a business team. Our interns have the chance to learn while making a real contribution to the company. They become a part of key management meetings, receive meaningful projects and have access to senior management. Each intern is assigned a supervisor who assigns projects, answers questions and provides guidance. Throughout the entire experience, goals are identified, and interns receive feedback and informal mentoring. An internship provides an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with other professionals in the company as well as other interns.
As a Golf Maintenance Intern you will have the opportunity to learn all aspects in your field while applying what you have learned in classrooms to practical situations as well as various other opportunities to develop professionally.

Throughout this internship, the student will be exposed to various outlets related to Golf Course Maintenance including the following positions: Greens Crew, Crew Leader, Irrigation Tech, Spray Tech, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and many more. You will be exposed to each of these areas and learn how the daily operations are run, including exposure to purchasing, taking inventory, course planning and execution, budgeting, and The Cliffs standards training.

Greens Crew/Crew Leader – Assist with the maintenance of the various golf courses to include mowing, rake and build bunkers, follow landscape plans to plant flowers, lay sod, spread mulch, and operate various golf maintenance equipment. Assist the Crew Leader in scheduling and personnel issues.
Irrigation Tech/Spray Tech – Assist with the repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, install new systems, monitor course for needs, and assist with irrigation planning for future courses. Assist the Spray Tech in the following: spraying and mixing chemicals; monitoring, identifying, and incorporating proper herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides in controlling turf diseases, weeds, and insects; performing chemical applications on fairways; and maintaining records of applications.
Assistant Superintendent – Coordinate scheduling, assist with training, interviewing, and hiring team members, prepare for special events and closings, identify and make recommendations to the Superintendent, maintain and inspect course grounds, and assist with departmental reporting.
Superintendent – Assist with preparing the annual budget, training and mentoring employees, golf course landscape planning, and preparing detailed reporting for senior management.


This qualifying internship is designed for current, active students to gain experience and knowledge in their directly related field. Interns are responsible for their own transportation during the duration of their internship, as each intern will have separate schedules.

Interns are paid an hourly rate and housing is provided. Apartment housing is available for out-of-state college students.


• Demonstrated experience and working knowledge of OSHA standards and other environmental safety standards, as applied to chemicals and compounds
• Must have sufficient physical strength and ability to independently and repeatedly lift, move, and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds and to repeatedly lift, move, and carry objects weighing up to 100 pounds with assistance
• Ability to walk 2-5 miles per day
• The employee will frequently bend, squat, twist, crouch, push, pull, lift, and carry, stand, and walk.
• Work is performed outdoors while exposed to dampness, fumes, odors, dust, dirt, rain, sleet, snow, heat, chemicals, machinery with moving parts, loud noise, and irrigated water.
• This position requires physical endurance during periods of extreme weather conditions.