Recreation and Wellness Operations Lead

Wellness Six Mile, South Carolina



  • Oversee and Execute Surf Shop, Beach Club, and Fitness Facility operations with emphasis on consistency of service quality, facility cleanliness, presentation standards, staff attentiveness, and member satisfaction
  • Provide leadership, training, and direction for all Outdoor Recreation and Wellness staff, instructors, and interns
  • Oversee job duties of staff and interns:
    • Validate member or guest status, providing wrist bands for appropriate access
    • Provide certified lifeguard supervision of the Beach Club slide pool, consistently enforcing all safety rules and regulations in a polite manner
    • Schedule and coordinate personalized services
    • Demonstrate proper usage of all Surf Shop and Fitness Facility equipment
    • Complete facility opening, in-shift, and closing procedures of Beach Club, Surf Shop, and Fitness Facility
    • Ensure waiver signatures are always up-to-date throughout the year
    • Test chemical levels of both onsite pools daily, record measurements in log book provided, and immediately notify management of any imbalances that exceed safe and appropriate standards
    • Anticipate member and guest needs, exceeding expectations at every visit
  • Assist Outdoor Recreation Manager in directing a comprehensive Outdoor Recreation program including oversight of event planning, member relations, and corporate events
  • Lead members, guests, and prospects on a variety of well-planned, impactful Outdoor Recreation events, which may be held off-site, at the pool, or on the lake
  • Provide proper instruction to ensure safety in each activity
  • Monitor weather and environmental conditions, adjusting event and/or operational routines when necessary
  • Create waivers for participants in Outdoor Recreation programs in accordance with all government regulations, insurance and industry standards
  • Ensure all Fitness Facility, Beach Club, and Surf Shop opening, in-shift, and closing procedures are followed
  • Assist in the weekly scheduling of staff to ensure usage demands are met effectively
  • Ensure a CPR/AED certified team member is on duty during all staffed hours of operation
  • Ensure the Surf Shop and Fitness Facility have appropriate guidelines for staffed/unstaffed hours of operation, and staff both operations accordingly
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with members, guests, and staff
  • Submit marketing documentation and advertise accordingly to promote group fitness, lake, and outdoor events
  • Update online calendar with group fitness schedule, outdoor recreation schedule, lake and pool events, monthly events, and assist members with class/event registrations
  • Maintain an informed connection to other Community event offerings to promote to members, including golf, social, and dining events
  • Attend to member accidents in a comforting manner, coordinating emergency services if the situation requires, and submitting proper documentation following the incident
  • Submit accurate payroll commissions for employees and contractors
  • Ensure Corporate submission-item deadlines are met
  • Track amenity inventory, submit purchase orders, and maintain sufficient pars of facility offerings
  • Regularly test and assess equipment for safety, and retire any equipment that is no longer fit for usage
  • Observe contract-based labor (pool services, janitorial services, etc.) to ensure job completion
  • Provide timely solutions to member complaints in a courteous and caring manner; implement long-term adjustments to alleviate future occurrences
  • Maintain involvement with local outdoor community and industry to foster a positive reputation and relationships
  • Work intimately with all Wellness Managers and Leads to create fun, non-intimidating experiences for all members, guests, employees, and corporations through Outdoor Recreation
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Irregular hours are expected and may be required


  • Minimum of 5 years working in the wellness/fitness industry
  • Minimum of 2 years in leadership role
  • College degree in a Health, Wellness, or Outdoor Recreation-related field preferred
  • Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue, and Open Water Lifeguard Certifications required
  • Fitness, Wellness, or Nutrition Certification preferred
  • CPR, AED, First Aid, and Lifeguard Certifications required
  • Ability to write coherent articles for various internal and external publications
  • Ability to multi-task in fast-paced environment
  • Ability to problem solve Member complaints in a calming manner


  • Must be able to stand and continuously “move” throughout a work day
  • Must be able to physically instruct courses, classes, and events
  • Must be able to run/jog continuously for at least an hour
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds from floor to heights above shoulder-level
  • Must maintain a high level of physical fitness to endure strenuous activities with ease
  • Must be able to withstand fluctuating workplace temperatures (indoor/outdoor) ranging from sub-freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and withstand sun, wind, rain, and other naturally occurring elements
  • Must be flexible in schedule to accommodate member usage patterns, events, and problematic occurrences during unstaffed hours