CJ FMC | Assembly Line Supervisor

Production Fullerton, California

Who We Are

CheilJedang (CJ) was founded in 1953 specializing in food products. Since then it has grown into a global lifestyle brand with a business portfolio built around the four sectors - Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Shopping & Logistics. With over 55,000 employees around the world, CJ Group promotes healthier, happier and convenient living through its many products and services. For more information, please visit www.cjamerica.com.

CJ FMC is looking for an Assembly Line Supervisor to supervise the assembly line, observe SOP, do troubleshooting, support maintenance, and oversee cleaning & sanitation.

Supervise Production & Observe SOP

  • Carry out assignments and production that are scheduled by 1st Shift Supervisor
  • Run production according to plans while checking: production lines, cleaning-state, machine running-state, and adherence to SOP by workers
  • Check and replenish components and packages when there are tasks that require cooperation with the Logistics Division
  • If necessary, ask staffing agency supervisors & employees to cooperate
  • Document the results of 2nd shift for clear communication between 1st & 2nd shifts
  • Maintain work environments clean & hygienic
  • Supervise and manage employees to ensure all personnel are kept safe from harm 
Execute Production Plan
  • Execute production plan that 1st shift supervisor made and report it to 1st shift supervisor by documentation
  • Periodically monitor quality during production is being processed
  • When wrong products are manufactured, keep them separately and return to normal production schedule again after remedying the issue
  • Regarding wrongfully made products, make sure to report to manager and to share with 1st shift supervisor with documentation
  • In case of problems during production, check setting values on the machines and take corrective actions
  • Report to manager of any trouble-shooting & immediate issues