CJ FMC | Production Support Manager

Operations Fullerton, California

Who We Are

CheilJedang (CJ) was founded in 1953 specializing in food products. Since then it has grown into a global lifestyle brand with a business portfolio built around the four sectors - Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Shopping & Logistics. With over 55,000 employees around the world, CJ Group promotes healthier, happier and convenient living through its many products and services. For more information, please visit www.cjamerica.com.


  • Support operations, manage production analysis & reporting and manage general administration


Production Operations Support
  • Establish production schedules based on inventory and demand
  • Production planning (daily/weekly/monthly) and monitoring production results, establish processes (SOP), meetings with SCM, marketing, and sales regularly
  • Gather and analyze all reports related to production (daily/weekly/monthly); track production yields, losses, machinery & labor efficiency, cost reduction, utilities efficiency, etc.
  • Propose improvement suggestions based on data analysis; yield, loss, machine speed, product qualities (weight, shape), etc.
  • Track and review worker training
  • Capital investment (equipment, large parts, etc.) analysis and recommendation
  • ROI analysis based on cost and proposed efficiency gains
  • Manage entire procurement process (proposal, contract, payment ,delivery, installation, actual ROI)
  • Manage BOM and routing; align SAP and actual factory operations
  • Inventory management (RM, packaging ,FG, assets); tracking materials receipt, consumption/waste, recordkeeping, etc.
  • Manage production weekly/monthly closings (SAP)
  • Support and follow up cost saving activities (TOP) with Innovation Team
  • Infrastructure improvement activities (IT, reporting processes, meeting effectiveness, etc.)
Analysis and Reporting
  • Create and execute effective report forms and formats (full reports, dashboards, alerts, etc.)
  • Redesign production forms and collection procedures to secure data consistency, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Gap analysis between plan and actual
  • Participate and track action plans (short/long term)
  • Coordinate with Accounting Team (data harmonization, transfers, timing/frequency, et.c)
  • Analyze production paraments and establish acual cost (COG) by SKU with Accounting Team
  • Present daily, weekly, and monthly report to management
  • Set up the purchase and approval procedure: assets, office supplies, petty cash, etc.
  • Review and approve all purchases
  • Reconciliation with Finance/Accounting (closings, COG calculations, budgets, etc.)
  • Gather and maintain employee KPIs, evaluations, notes, etc.
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Production and SCM experience in Food industry preferred
  • Proficiency in English, Korean, and/or Spanish preferred