Field Applications Engineer 5330

Apps Engineering, Marketing, Sales Beijing, China


  • Power converter
  • Product Definition
  • Customer Support
  • Understanding of Mobile Systems
  • Lab Bench Measurement


  • Understand operation of basic power converter architectures (buck, boost, switched-cap) and various methods of feedback control
  • Strong knowledge of customer needs in power or battery management ICs in the mobile market
  • Ability to define the right specifications that meet customer needs
  • Ability to discuss with design engineers on the specifications
  • Good enough knowledge of underlying IC design to roughly determine feasibility of customer idea, or answer customer question without having to forward everything to design team
  • Experience supporting customers with power or battery management ICs and strong knowledge of what is important to watch out for so that we know exactly what to test and catch problems before samples are delivered to customers.
  • Strong understanding of underlying IC operation so many questions can be answered on the spot rather than relayed to design team.
  • Experience working not only with stand-alone chips, but also debugging issues that occur in system boards that include all components that are required in a mobile device.
  • Strong understanding of mobile systems and power IC requirements in mobile systems.
  • Experience with lab bench measurement of power or battery management ICs.
  • General scripting ability (particularly python) to automate lab bench measurements