Speech Therapist- Per Diem

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The Position: The Speech and Language Pathologist provides diagnostic, therapeutic and communication counseling services for Participants with all phases of communication disorders in accordance with the Physician’s written authorization and in conjunction with the total plan of care.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Assists the Physician and the multidisciplinary team in evaluating agency participants’ level of communication skills and potential for rehabilitation or restoration, by applying diagnostic and prognostic procedures
  • As a member of the multidisciplinary team, assists in establishing measurable functional goals and treatment plan to promote and maintain maximum level of speech and language function
  • Administers appropriate treatment that may include auditory, visual, oral, speech and visual-motor process in accordance with the Physicians’ authorization and the total plan of care
  • Instructs multidisciplinary team and family on participant’s total speech and therapy program and phases of speech therapy with which they may work with the Participant.
  • Must reassess all participants who receive speech therapy at least every six (6) months
  • Records quarterly progress notes on participants receiving speech therapy. The Speech Therapist must also document in the participants record all services scheduled in the care plan on the day services are provided
  • Reviews and initials all evaluations and the discharge summary on Participants receiving speech therapy
  • Observes; records and reports regularly to the multidisciplinary team on Participant’s reaction to the Speech Therapy session and any changes in the Participants condition
  • Instructs, supervises and evaluates staff in the implementation of the Participant’s individual plan of care
  • Provides in service training to other members of the health team
  • Attend weekly multidisciplinary team conference as needed and actively participates in the development of the plan of care for participants receiving speech therapy




The above job description is intended to communicate the general function of the mentioned position and by no means shall be considered an exhaustive or complete outline of the specific tasks and functions that will be required.  CEI reserves the right to change job descriptions, site assignments, and or work hours as required by the needs of the program.  All employees are expected to perform their duties within their ability as required by the job and/or as requested by management. 




Center for Elders’ Independence is a PACE (Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly) organization that uses an interdisciplinary team approach to care planning and care implementation for the purpose of providing high quality, affordable, integrated health care services to the elderly, including an Adult Day Health Center, and promoting autonomy, quality of life and the ability of individuals to live in their communities. Unlike other healthcare plans, CEI is not a "fee-for-service" plan. It is a a “capitation” healthcare plan. CEI is paid a set amount for each person enrolled in our program, whether or not that individual seeks care. We are a growing company that offers stability and continues to thrive.