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Telltale Game Writers are the primary champions and implementers of quality storytelling for our industry-leading, story-driven titles. Working closely with game design and other disciplines, the writer focuses on story arcs, character development, dialog, thematic coherence and the overall story experience of the game.


  • Work with game designers in a writers’ room to create an effective narrative melded with good game design.
  • Generate outlines, story treatments, character descriptions, casting documents, and other support materials.
  • Create and collaborate in the creation of consistent characters, strong motivations, dramatic arcs, and meaningful story content during the development process.
  • Write interactive scripts to accomplish all of the above while supporting gameplay needs. Fantastic dialog skills are a must.
  • Revise and edit own scripts and those of other writers.
  • Assist as needed with marketing and other company communications that require the written word.


Essential Skills:

  • Ability to craft compelling, immersive and interactive stories in multiple genres.
  • Knowledge of dramatic structure and ability to write cinematically.
  • Understanding of how to use narrative events, game design, art, animation, audio and other tools to grow and impact characters in ways that encourage player investment.
  • Ability to write snappy and engrossing dialog in different voices.
  • Ability to analyze and understand the tone, theme and tropes of an existing intellectual property, and emulate its style while still making it unique to Telltale.
  • Enthusiastic about collaborative story development in a studio environment.
  • Ability to respond to story notes and other editorial feedback in a prompt, effective manner.
  • Deadline oriented. 

Essential Experience:

  • Five years of disciplined writing, with at least three years in a professional setting. 
  • College degree in screenwriting, creative writing, film making, narrative design, or similar; or equivalent professional experience.
  • Knowledge of games and interactivity from storytelling, character development, and user engagement perspectives. You must not only play video games, but understand them as a dramatic form.

Writing Samples:

Please submit at least two polished samples demonstrating mastery of narrative structure, character development and dialog. Samples should be full-length, not excerpts.

All samples must be attached in PDF format. Please do not cut and paste your work into the writing sample section.

Useful Extras:

  • Experience as a writer / narrative designer for games, either independently or professionally.
  • Episodic writing and story development experience, in television or another medium.
  • Experience working with multiple disciplines to create a story-driven, entertainment experience.
  • Experience with tools such as game engines, interactive fiction systems, non-linear video editing, Twine, Flash, etc.
  • Any exposure to computer programming


PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING – IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A WRITING SAMPLE: By applying for the position and submitting any writing sample (the “Sample”) to Telltale, Inc. (“Telltale”), you understand and acknowledge that Telltale is constantly developing in-house ideas, formats, stories, concepts, artwork and the like (collectively, “Creative Elements”), and that many such Creative Elements developed by Telltale now or in the future may be similar to or identical to those contained in your Sample.  You agree that Telltale will not be held liable for any such similarities and that Telltale’s use or development of Creative Elements similar to or identical with any material or elements (including Creative Elements) contained in the Sample shall not obligate Telltale to you in any manner.  In connection with your agreement to these terms, you expressly waive any claims you may have against Telltale arising from or relating to your submission of the Sample.

Candidates must be authorized to work and accept new employment in the U.S.

Telltale Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer and ADA compliant.