DevOps Engineer

Engineering Toronto, Ontario


Location: Downtown Toronto- 106 Front Street East, Suite 200

As our DevOps Engineer you will join a team which intersects with all aspects of our business. You will build out internal tools aimed at automating business processes and increasing security and efficiency for the company at large. Successful candidate will have experience in *NIX administration (specifically Debian/Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX) in addition to backend software and script development.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Leading the charge on the extension of existing internal tool-chains supporting our software development process.
  • Administration of 3rd party SaaS vendor products such as Dropbox, Google Apps, and GitHub. You will always be on the look-out for opportunities to automate these administration efforts.
  • Working with Operations staff to develop and maintain templated application stacks in the Amazon Cloud.
  • Experience working alongside development teams following an agile SDLC, incorporating automated testing and build processes.
  • You can parse logs with sed, awk, or perl, but you’ve also had experience streaming them to a log management and analytics platform.
  • Experience maintaining and troubleshooting production environments at scale.

Things we’re interested in:

  • Side projects. OSS scripts or tools you may have authored.
  • Involvement in the community through meetups, projects, essays, etc.
  • Fun, interesting, or crazy programming or scripting languages you've played around with.
  • Art, music, games, literature, or anything that fascinates you. We love passionate people.

We don't care about:

  • Every technology you've used since you touched a keyboard (like your former life’s experience with IPX/SPX, Sonet/ATM networking experience, Microsoft Office, etc).
  • Verbose resumes (shorter is better).


We don't really care about your education. Anybody can get a college degree. What we care about is your ability to communicate, get stuff done, and work with a team. If you feel your education helps communicate those traits, tell us about it.

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