Sr. Product Manager, Infrastructure

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Type: Full-Time

Department: Product Management

ShoreTel makes brilliantly simple cloud and premise based phone systems. All of our products, all of our applications, all of our infrastructure tie together in a complicated way that would make a watchmaker sweat. We excel at taking this complexity and distilling it into an easy to use and reliable communication system that our customers love. Making this happen is part rigor and part art and that’s why we need you. 

You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get into the nuts and bolts of every product line. You know what your teammates are building and you understand how the underlying infrastructure will have to change to support them. When a colleague suggests a new feature, you turn into Rainman, visualizing the Rube Goldberg effect on every module in the system and charting out all possible options. When we integrate with external apps, you define how that will work, how it will look, how the APIs are negotiated, and how the pieces click together. You complete us. Ready? 


  • Working with internal stakeholders to negotiate system architecture
  • Working with third party APIs and defining integration points with our current products
  • Driving requirements for third party integrations
  • Driving requirements for internal components that make our entire system tick like a refined Swiss watch
  • Acting as a company liaison with major accounts and industry analysts to gain insight about customer and market needs and communicate the company’s message and roadmap
  • … really depends on you – if you are great at something and you want to work on it and the team needs it, then do it! 


A successful candidate should have the following qualifications for this position:

  • You know how Outlook add-ins work and pay attention to Microsoft’s roadmap
  • You understand virtualization and all its flavors, who the major players are and what their products can do
  • You know which codecs to use and when
  • You have experience with video – streaming, P2P, multipoint
  • You understand web sockets, XMPP and ports
  • You understand basic agile methodologies, when to be religious about it and when to back off and let organic processes thrive
  • You know what good requirements look like and how to get there
  • You are a hands-on product manager. You know that your involvement doesn’t stop at requirements creation
  • You know how to effectively sell your idea to internal stakeholders
  • You are well versed in Unified Communications and have a good idea of where the industry is moving
  • You can travel 10-20% of the time with occasional international travel
  • You have a sense of humor. ShoreTel is a pun free zone unless you are using a David Caruso voice for your delivery 


  • An engineering undergraduate degree or MBA is desired. However competence matters more than a piece of paper. If you think you’ve got what it takes, don’t let the details stop you.

ShoreTel is one of the largest providers of cloud, premises-based and hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions. Our award-winning, brilliantly simple communications offerings lead the industry in customer satisfaction and lowest total cost of ownership. Our innovative business phones, application integration, collaboration tools, mobility, and contact center applications empower organizations and employees to collaborate, connect and work no matter time, place or device.

With ShoreTel, organizations enjoy freedom of choice: our award-winning, premises-based IP phone system owned and managed in-house, or cloud-based communications managed offsite by our expert telephony teams, or a combination of both. Regardless, ShoreTel’s solutions are built to scale, grow, and evolve as needed. So companies can buy or subscribe to the business communication solutions they need today, with no risk to their original investment should their needs change tomorrow.

ShoreTel's purpose-built solutions remove the barriers and complexity common with other provider’s solutions – whether an organization is seeking to replace an old phone system, add new office sites or branches, upgrade to unified communications, or modernize its contact center. With fewer resources tied up in a phone system, a company’s resources are freed to work on the real task at hand: moving the business forward.

ShoreTel is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices worldwide.