Sr. Product Manager, Whisk (B2C)

Product Management San Francisco, California

This role is part of the Whisk product team within the Samsung NEXT Product organization.

About NEXT Product

The NEXT Product organization is a hyper-growth startup within Samsung NEXT.  We’re a globally distributed product development team in search of builders and creators to help conceive, grow and scale new products and categories.

Successful candidates, at all levels within the organization, will: approach all things team-first, take ownership and “be the change you seek”, have strong written and verbal communication skills, have high EQ, enjoy fast-paced, outcome-driven environments and be inspired to learn and explore daily both inside and outside of your field of expertise.

About Whisk

Whisk has built a multi-sided marketplace over the past 7 years that delivers value to each member of the network such as Publishers, Retailers, IOT & Health, and Brands.  Whisk also has a consumer experience, for shopping lists, saved recipes, and other potential experiences.  (There is a legacy mobile application in the iOS store, that is now disconnected from the experience - Please ignore this).  As part of recently joining Samsung NEXT, we plan to invest more heavily in the platform investing in each aspect of the network (publisher, retailer, IOT, Health, Brands, & B2C), in a way that each investment is not only adding value to its own experience but also to the network of partners overall.


  • As the owner of the B2C experience ( + mobile apps + other consumer surfaces), you will be responsible for setting the strategy and defining the roadmap.
  • You will need to balance front-line product management, project management, and the long-term vision with ongoing feedback from engineering, user and the B2B Product Manager.
  • You will need to establish and communicate milestones, refine use cases and validate their user value, prioritize feature backlog, and ensure everything stays on track.
  • You will need to work with the marketing team to help them develop and clearly communicate value propositions to users.
  • You will be involved with setting KPIs for your products and evaluating success against these.
  • You will be involved in conversations with key strategic product partners (e.g. potential retailer integrations and hardware integrations) to help plan out integrations.
  • You validate your activity against user needs, questioning our current thoughts, offering and processes to make sure we can fulfill what the user wants.
  • You will be involved in all aspects of the product development cycle, including product definition, usability testing, backlog management, documentation, go to market planning, and project schedule management.
  • You will work with a globally distributed team - based in the US and Europe.

This is not a role for developing Powerpoint, it is a role for enabling a team of engineers to build compelling user value as quickly as possible.

Required Skills:

  • 4+ years experience in product management, preferably in a software-focused startups that shipped successful products
  • A deep breadth of product management experience with an understanding of the lean methodology
  • Strong knowledge of web and mobile analytical tools to measure user engagement
  • Ability to use data to iterate optimize onboarding and conversion flows
  • Proven ability to collaborate cross-functionally
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Experience managing a product that’s on multiple surfaces (e.g. web, native mobile, voice, wearables, IoT) is a plus
  • Experience in B2C food-tech is a plus
  • A technical background is a plus

About Samsung NEXT

We partner with and build software alongside innovators to develop ideas into products, grow products into businesses and scale businesses globally. 

Founded in 2012, Samsung NEXT has four key functions in the global software ecosystem:

  • Product - Building new software and services businesses, at scale.
  • Venture - Investing in early stage startups to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses.
  • Partnerships - Helping startups successfully partner with the variety of businesses within Samsung.
  • M&A - Acquiring startups to connect and scale with our businesses.