Creative & Design

Senior Copywriter Arlington, Virginia

Education & Research

Education Content Specialist - ELL, Lexia Learning
4 Locations
Research Associate, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts

Human Resources

Benefits and Payroll Coordinator Harrisonburg, Virginia
Human Resources Business Partner
2 Locations
Senior Compensation Analyst Arlington, Virginia

Implementation & Training

Customer Implementation Manager (OH), Lexia Learning Columbus, Ohio
Professional Learning Facilitator
3 Locations


Assessment Intern Seattle, Washington


IT Security Manager
2 Locations
Senior Java Script Engineer, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts

Language Coaching

British English Online Language Tutor
3 Locations
English Online Language Tutor Grand Rapids, Michigan
English Online Language Tutor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
English Online Language Tutor Arlington, Virginia
English Online Language Tutor Rochester, New York
English Online Language Tutor Columbus, Ohio
Irish Online Language Tutor
4 Locations
Vietnamese Online Language Tutor Boston, Massachusetts
We're Seeking Native Irish Online Language Tutors
3 Locations
We're Seeking Native Spanish Latin American Online Language Tutors
2 Locations


Senior Paralegal Arlington, Virginia


Corporate Events Specialist (Concord) Concord, Massachusetts
Customer Champion Manager, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts
Customer Marketing Manager Concord, Massachusetts
Digital Marketing Coordinator Arlington, Virginia
Email Production Specialist Arlington, Virginia


Customer Technical Support Concord, Massachusetts
Education Procurement Coordinator Concord, Massachusetts
Senior Director, Customer Success
2 Locations
Technical Sales Operations Specialist Concord, Massachusetts


Javascript Front End Developer
2 Locations
Quality Assurance Analyst
4 Locations
Quality Assurance Automation Engineer Concord, Massachusetts
Senior Backend Developer, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts
Senior Engineer, Tutoring Technologies
3 Locations
Senior Javascript Developer, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts
Senior Javascript Developer, Lexia Learning Concord, Massachusetts
Senior Quality Assurance Manager
4 Locations


Account Executive (Mississippi/Alabama), Lexia Learning
2 Locations
Account Executive (Nevada), Lexia Learning Las Vegas, Nevada
Channel Partner Manager London, United Kingdom
Channel Partner Manager Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opportunity Development Specialist Harrisonburg, Virginia
Sales Account Specialist Concord, Massachusetts
Sales Development Representative Köln, Germany
Senior Director, Corporate Sales
2 Locations
We Are Looking for Experienced Sales Executives Boulder, Colorado
We are looking for Experienced Sales Executives Seattle, Washington
We Are Looking for Experienced Sales Executives San Francisco, California
We Are Looking for Experienced Sales Executives Dallas, Texas
We Are Looking for Experienced Sales Executives
2 Locations
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