Computer Graphic Artist

Art Lisbon, Portugal


Performance Marketing Art team: GTM Art

Job description



Role Overview – Computer Graphic Artist


You will be part of the Go To Market Art team, a branch team of Performance Marketing Art, which primarily focuses on defining the visual identity for the marketing brand image of each game, for materials such as icons, screenshots, videos and featuring assets that give our games high exposure on mobile stores like Apple´s and Google´s.


The ideal candidate has a good understanding and experience of graphic/communication design, video, 3d and motion graphics capabilities for game promotionals, more specifically, mobile games. Also, experience in creating mobile store assets like icons and screenshots, is highly valued. You should be able to produce exceptionally polished 3d and 2d assets that can compose meaningful images that define entire marketing campaigns. Also expected are dynamic, creative high quality 2d and 3d videos showcasing gameplay and enticing users to play and enjoy our games. You should be able to convert information from various sources to design solutions, manage your time effectively and react quickly to changing requirements. It is expected that you are able to work autonomously while communicating often with all the relevant parties involved in the process.




What will you do?:


   Work closely with the rest of the Marketing and Product Teams to be able to design brand identities for new game launches, refresh the designs for established games and work on seasonal campaigns, conceptualizing strong and meaningful creatives;

        Be able to explore, experiment and adapt to different art styles, as you will work on different game genres from our portfolio;

        Work with UA and Product teams to be able to test and research different possible routes for game brands, grounding the designs in a more objective performance driven result;

        Use your experience and creativity to explore concepts outside the box for several campaigns, following the briefs at first, but also adding your valuable input;

        Be able to create consistent high polished work, both 2d and 3d for all creatives required;

        Come up with creative solutions and adapt to possible changes on scope and deadlines of projects;

        Present elegant, modern and slick design layouts for promotional creatives;

        Be a role model and mentor other artists;


The experience you need:


        5+ years of professional experience in 2d/ 3d graphic design/ digital art for mobile games;

        Advanced experience in 3d: modelling, texturization, materials, light, camera, animation and render. 3dsMax preferred;

        Advanced experience in Motion graphics, After Effects preferred;

        Experience in video editing. After effects and Premiere preferred;

        Exceptional understanding of the fundamental graphic design principles (typography, shapes, layout, grid, hierarchy, colour, animation, composition, brand);

        Illustrative ability and iconography - both freehand and technical 2D vector art skill sets;

        Advanced knowledge and experience on Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator;


What is expected of you:


        To be able to produce and iterate on quality work quickly in pursuit of the best visual design solution;

        Capability of working with others on complex projects, from defining requirements to evaluation of success;

        Proactive, enthusiastic and optimistic— great listening and communication skills;

        Curious about targeted audiences and experienced in gathering qualitative and quantitative insights;

        Internally driven and proactive, always looking for the best possible solution;

        Determined to produce the highest quality assets possible, but also being able to assess what changes are needed in case there is a need to adjust to new deadlines and briefing requirements;

        Open to receive feedback, both on artistic work as on professional attitude, with the mindset of improvement and professional growth;

        Able to work well in a collaborative team environment, and within an iterative design process; 

        Highly motivated and passionate about digital games;


Valued extras:


        Skill in digital illustration;

        Experience in Blender;

        Knowledge of sound and music editing;

        Knowledge of ASO work;

        Experience working on promotional campaigns;

        Experience working in marketing agency or mobile game industry;

        Basic understanding of current mobile game trends;




- Please send the CV and Portfolio, demonstrating in a clear way, all aspects of your skill. (Sending just the CV alone, will not be accepted).