Data Manager

Process and Quality Engineering Redwood City, California


The Data Manager will work closely with the technology and training teams to understand the data need for development, testing, and validation of algorithms, processes, and products.  This person will work closely with the Clinical team to seek this data from internal/external sources (i.e.: clinical studies). The Data Manager will manage all incoming data and work with the data engineers on how to store, label, and retrieve this data. The Data Manager will be responsible on maintaining and growing a data inventory to ensure constant data availability for product development. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Gather and evaluate data needs from engineering and training teams for development and testing of algorithms, processes, and products. Data needs may include but is not limited to coronary CT data, angiography, IVUS, OCT, physiological and demographics data.
  • Collaborate with the Clinical team and clinical investigating sites to acquire data in house.
  • Organize, categorize, label, and store all internal data.
  • Communicate to teams data availability and timeline.
  • Work with data engineering to streamline data collection and migration into data repository.
  • Make recommendations for data repository upgrades.

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to collaborate across multiple functions and disciplines
  • Ability to work with large data sets
  • Excellent organization skills

Educational Requirements & Work Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a technical or science field required
  • 3+ years’ experience in data management
  • Experience with SQL databases, Python, and other related applications
  • Experience with clinical data

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